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Part I Full length CD’s:

1917 “Brutal Miserable Drama” Philosophical Death Metal from Argentina

1917 “Inti Huacay” Technical fast Death metal, new album/ Argentina

3RD "Highest Human Form” Maxi-MCD The best Italian Hyper Thrashing Impressive Modern death band!!!

ABBEY OV THELEMA “A Fragment ov the Great Work” Progressive Black Metal, a mystical and also aggressive/ Slovakia

ABHORRED DESPISER “Was Raped” brutal death metal/ Indonesia

ABIURA “Nursery Rhymes for the unborn” pro-CD-r, death metal/ Greece

ABOMINANT "Upon Black Horizons" death metal/ USA

ABRAHEL "Abrahel" Black metal /Spain

ABSOLUTUS "Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus" / Australia

ADOKHSINY/ BLACK ANGEL “Black Ritual of Satan” split CD, Old School Black/ Death Black metal/ Korea/ Peru


ADULTERY “Age of Winter Kings” aggressive Black metal with many folklore melodies and traditional tunes/ Czech

ADVENT “The Dawn” innovate and refreshing blend of atmospheric black metal and progressive death metal/ Italy

AENDRIA "Jadis" gothic doom metal/ France

AEON "An Extravagance Of Norm" extreme modern black metal/ Poland
AEROSMITH “Nine lives” hard rock/ USA

AFFLICTION “One Reality” Extreme Dark/ Death Metal from Turkey

AGATHOCLES/ AMOCLEN “Split CD” Legend of grindcore (26 songs) versus Czech grindcore machine

AGONY LORDS “The Sun of the Cursed” death metal/ Mexico

AISLING “Aisling” First full length album from these Celtic black metalers/ Italy

AL- NAMROOD “Astfhl Al Tha'r” Oriental black metal/ Saudi Arabia

ALASTOR “Demons Attack” New Album of black/thrash cult band/ Portugal

ALGOR "Uder pohanskeho hnevu" debut... fast & raw BM in the underground vein with Darkthrone influences/ Slovenia

ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS “En To Pan Omegas” Black Industrial metal/France

ALL IS SUFFERING “The Past: Vindictive Sadisms” death crust metal/ USA

ALL SHALL PERISH “Hate. Malice. Revenge” Hardcore/ brutal death metal from USA.

ALTAR THE SKY “Plight Of The Vomit Eagle” death metal with black metal elements/ USA

ALTVATER “Chroniken” Mighty Epic Pagan Metal from Saxony/ Germany

ANARCOTICI “Iride” Post Hardcore Metalnoise with Doom elements/ Italy

ANATOMY “Overtreatment” new album of Italian gore grind

ANATOMY “The witches of Dathomir” Black metal/ Australia

ANCIENT HORNS “Profano” in DVD case, Black/ Death metal/ Philippines

ANCIENT NECROPSY “Sanctuary beyond the Infinite” brutal death metal/ Colombia

ANGELWHORE “Superman” gothic industrial/ UK

ANTHENORA “Soulgrinder” heavy power metal/ Italy

ANTIDEMON/ZEN GARDEN - brutal death/ gothic doom / Brazil

ANTIGAMA “Discomfort” ultra blasting grind, new album/ Poland

ANTIGOD / HAVE THE MUNCHIES Split CD, death / thrash vs very heavy hardcore/ Czech

ANYFACE “Graving out of Mist” death/ thrash metal/ Italy

APHOOM ZHAH/ SMIERCIESLAV Split CD raw black metal/ Belarus

APOLION “Death Grows into Sperm” Grim, harsh, decadent Black Metal For fans of Darkthrone, Armagedda/ Italy

APOLION “H.O.S.” 11 tracks of nothing but Harsh, Bastard, Grim Impudent Black Metal with Necro black’n’roll/ Italy

ARALLU "The Demon From The Ancient World" new album of Israel black metal/Israel

ARANA “Teotl” etno death metal/ Salvador

ARCHAIC WINTER "The Psychology of Death" blasting death metal similar to BANISHED OR BLOODBATH/ USA

ARCHETYPE “Rise of the Blood Slaughter” Melodic Death metal in the Sweden school/ Mexico

ARES “Kill/Gore/Sledge” death/ thrash metal/ USA

ARKAYIC REVOLT “Death's River” thrash metal/ Canada

ARKONA "Konstelacja Lodu" fifth album, fast and raw total underground Black Metal/ Poland

ARKONA "Wszechzlodowacenie" rare and unreleased track of cult Black metal band/ Poland

ARS GOETIA “Anachoreta” Occult hateful black metal/ Italy

ART 238 “Empire of the Atom” Brutal Death Metal with Industrial/ France

ARTERY ERUPTION/ INHUMAN DISSILENCY “Festering Fuckhole” Brutal Death metal, split CD/ USA

ARYADEVA “Kshatra” Slavonic vedic Black Metal

ASENBLUT “Aufbruch” Pagan Metal/ Germany

ASGARD “Kletba Krale Stacha” Melodic, guitar Black Metal in CZ language with special guest Big Boss (Root)/ Czech

ASSESSOR “Stvanice” Czech thrash/death band Assessor is back with new album after 22 years!

ASSHOLE “Best of the Worst” thrash metal classic from France


ATANAB “Black magic” black metal/ Colombia

ATMAN “Djirli Ika” melodic black metal/ Spain

ATRITAS "Where Witches Burnt" True Fucking Symphonic Black Metal/ Switzerland

AURORA BOREALIS “Time Unveiled” 2002, black/ death metal/ USA

AURORA BOREALIS “Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything" new album, death/ black/ USA

AUTUMN TEARS “The Hallowing” Neoclassical / Darkwave/ USA

AVENGER "Fall of Devotion..." black death metal/ Czech

AVENGER “MCMXCII-MMXII” This record celebrates 20 years of AVENGER, legend of Czech dark/black metal.

AVENGER “MCMXCII-MMXII” This record celebrates 20 years of AVENGER, legend of Czech dark/black metal.

AVERSION TO LIFE “Ritualized Murder” brutal death metal/ USA

AVSKED “Livets Ironi” A manifestation of Depressive Black Metal out of the standards/ Germany

AVULSED “Nullo” brutal death metal/ Spain

AXON “Leper viper” 9 hymns of Brutal Death Metal ala Morbid Angel/ Mexico

AXXIS OF ADVANCE “Obey” death black metal/ Canada

AZURE EMOTE “Chronicles Of An Aging Mammal” Avant-garde melodic death metal with members of MONSTROSITY/ Usa

BAAL “Hate Machine” Finest Melodic Death Metal from Mexico 

BAAL “Passages To Eternity” melodic death metal/ Mexico

BABY.STAB.HORROR “In the Name of Satan” Black Metal for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Vader and Behemoth/ USA
BARRACUDA “Humanimal” death black metal/ Czech

BALAM AKAB “Xibalba” black death metal/ Mexico

BARD BRANN / EKOVE EFRITS “Key To The Kingdom Of Shadows” Cold and Depressive Black Metal/ USA/ IRAN

BELETH/ MOONTOWER/ WINGS OF WAR "Bestial Holocaust” black metal/ Poland

BELZABET “Before Night Fall” great symphonic black/ Mexico

BERGTHRONE “Jagdheim” pagan black metal/ Germany

BESTIAL MOCKERY”Gospel of the Insane” black/ thrash metal/ Sweden

BETHLEHEM “A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear” featuring Kvarforth from SHINING

BETHLEHEM “Dictius Te Necare” dark metal, re-mastered & re-designed with bonus / Germany

BETHLEHEM “Reflektionen aufs Sterben” Dark Metal/ Germany

BETHLEHEM “S.U.I.Z.I.D.” blackened dark metal/ Germany

BETHLEHEM “Stoenkfitzchen” dark metal/ Germany

BIONIC ANGEL "Digital Violence" industrial dark metal/ Germany

BIOSICK “Clean the Ulcer” 2nd full length album, 10 tracks of heavy straight death metal/ Switzerland

BITCH INFECTION / ANUS TUMOUR split CD, Digital Porn-Grind-Gore/ Germany

BLACK ALTAR “Death Fanaticism” Horror Misanthropic Black Metal from Poland

BLACK ANGEL "Demos" 3 Cult demo-tapes on CD! South American cult black death metal/ Peu

BLACK ANGEL “The Black Truth” old school black/ death metal/ Peru

BLACK AUTUMN “Rivers of the Dead Leaves” depressive black

BLACK EMPIRE "Into the Jails of Past" Black/ Thrash metal from Mexico

BLACK FUNERAL “Ordog” Apocalyptic Black metal/ USA

BLACK JADE "Helvetica Diabolica" Helvetic Pagan Black Metal/ Austria

BLACK OMEN “Sinphony” 2nd album from Turkish Dark/ Black Metal Band consists of 13 tracks.
BLACK WINTER / MOONTOWER Split CD Grim Black Metal/ Germany/ Poland

BLACK SEPTEMBER/ RAVENLORD DARKSTORM split CD, black metal/ Holland/ Poland

BLACK WITCHERY “Upheaval of Satanic Might” black metal/ USA

BLODWEN “Black Symphony” Symphonic/Neoclassical Power Metal/ Indonesia

BLOOD AND SICKNESS GRIND GORE COMPILATION - 6 WAY CD with Tumour, Vomit Sex, M.D.K., C.V.I., Total Penuria, Kadaverficker - very gory stuff!

BLOOD ON WEDDING DRESS/VISCERA/SMERSH/DEVASTATHOR/SCARCE/ENGORGED VAGINAL ABYSS 6-way split, grind core from 6 bands from different parts of world

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Let The War Begin Horror Metal/ Italy

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Misanthropy" Horror Metal/ Italy

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Let the war begin” horror heavy metal in the vein of DEATH SS...PAGAN ALTAR.../ Italy

BLOODAXE “Bloodthrone” viking black death metal/ Canada

BLOODGRIMM “Grimmiges Rotfrass” Fable Death Metal/ Germany

BLOODLET “Entheogen” hard core/ USA

BLOODTHORN “Genocide” black death metal, new album/ Norway
NORTT “Graven” Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal

BOKRUG “Ancient Horrors and Bloody Vuisions” Grind Death Metal/ Argentina

BOKRUG “El Matamuertos” Grind Death Metal/ Argentina

BOLZ'N “Spalt>Funktion” grind noise/ Germany

BOUND IN HUMAN FLESH “Sick Lust For Revenge” 12 blistering tracks of black/death metal from the USA

BRAVE “Searching for the sun” gothic metal/ USA

BRIEF RESPITE “Uneveness” Technical Melodic Death from Montreal/ Canada.

BROTHERHOOD “Bratstvo Hromu” pagan black metal/ Slovakia

BRUTAL INSANITY/ TORTURE INCIDENT split CD grind core/ USA (in special cartoon package)

BRUTAL MASTICATION "Underground» Brutal Death Metal/ USA

BRUTAL NOISE/ MORGUE “Ripped in Half” split CD, gutural death grind metal/ Argentina

BURIAL MOUND “Black Death” The album contains 9 songs of brutal Black / Death metal/ Finland

BURNING HATE "This Is The End Of Our Days" / Germany

BURZUM “Anthology” this official compilation album (2001) is a tribute to the glory and might of a BURZUM!

CADAVER INCUBATOR “Coleccion De Humanos” gore death metal/ Peru

CAIN”S DINASTY “Madmen, Witches and Vampires” power metal/ Spain

CAMPO DE MAYO / PERMAFROST – Split CD, Anti-communist Black Metal / Ancient Black Forest metal

CANGRENA “Demoniak Transition” death metal/ Mexico

CANNIBE / GUTALAX split CD Italian sick gore grind vs. Czech porno gore grind

CANNIBE “The Mind is Collapsed” Ultra Brutal True Gore Grind from Italy

CARCHAROTH "Desolated Battlefields" Raw Pagan Black Metal/ Spain

CARNYX/ MEPHISOPHILUS Split CD, Black Metal/ France/ Saudi Arabia

CARUOS “Metempsychosis” pagan black metal/ France

CARVED IN STONE "Tales of Glory & Tragedy" folk music/ Germany

CATAPLEXY “Lunar Eclipse Chaos...” black metal/ Japan

CEASE OF BREEDING "Sounds Of Disembowelment" sick brutal death metal/ Greece

CELEBRANT “Spawn of chaos” Death/Black metal band from Belgium

CENOTAPH “Saga Bellica” death metal/ Mexico

CEPHALIC CARNAGE “Conforming to Abnormality” Technical Grind / Death Metal/ USA

CERBERUS “Chapters of Blackness” raw black metal, new album! / Germany

CERBERUS “First Destruction (Live)” raw black metal/ Germany

CEREBRAL EFFUSION “Impulsive Psychopathic Acts” brutal death metal/ Spain

CEREBROCIDE “Delusion” brutal death metal/ Germany

CEREBROCIDE “Seeming Paradise” death metal/ Germany

CERTIFIED INSANE “Raw, Crude 'n' Relentless” Crust-Grind from Germany

CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS/ S.C.A.T. split CD, porn grind/ Czech/ Russia

CHYSTA KRYNYCYA “Dolya” folk black metal/ Ukraine

CIAFF /BARCODE Split CD mix of death and angry metal/ Italy

CIDESPHERE “Interment” technical death metal/ Turkey

CIKUTA "The Golden Root Era" Sludge/ Post hardcore/ Russia

CLAUSTROPHOBIA “Spectral Summoning” Raw ambient ghostly black metal with morbid & claustrophobic attack!/ China

CLITORTURE / GOREALITY split CD Old School Brutal Death/ USA

CODEX FREI “Streetrock” oldschool RAC/ Germany

COFFIN BIRTH “The Miracle of Death” quality black thrash metal with members of OBSCENE EULOGY/ Canada

COLD GRAVE “Infernal” Fast Melodious Black Metal from Germany

COLORLESS FOREST “Imprints of Dreams in Hyaline Ice” Cold, deep and depressive Black Metal/ Russia

COLOURFAST “The Art Of One” heavy metal with enough Aggressive Elements as Testament/ Japan

COMA VOID “Stormking Twilight” devastating death / USA

COMBAT NOISE "After the war” Brutal Death metal from Cuba!

COMMAND PRESENCE "Inherit the meek" NU death metal/ USA

CONSPIRACY A.D. “Humanity=Destruction: The End is Near!” Thrash Death Metal/ Italy

CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN “Only the strong” death metal/ USA

COPROPHAGIA "Shitty Life" Japanese Hyper blasting Brutal Death/Grind

CORPSEFUCKING ART “The Art of the Fucking Corpse" gore grind/ Italy

CORPULATE “Boundless Expansion” Technical Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore/ USA

CRAWLING DEATH "New Murder Art" death metal from Poland

CREEDY INVALID “Meaning of Life” The second album of Czech gothic melancholic metal band /Czech

CREST OF DARKNESS "Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil" Evil Black metal/ Norway

CROMLECH “Reconciousness” death metal/ USA

CROPMENT "Spiral Of Violence" brutal death metal/ Swiss

CRUADALACH “AGNI – Unveil what’s burning inside” Debut material Czech folk metal band, for fans Eluveitie, Týr

CRUSHER "Untreatable off Colossus" very intense death metal!!!/ Czech

CRUSHING BLOW "Cease Fire" heavy metal/ France

CUTTING EMBRYO “Fekal Apetit” Crazy fekal dance grind core/ Czech

CUTTING EMBRYO “Fekal Apetit” Crazy fekal dance grind core/ Czech

CYANOSIS "Conceiving Abhorrence" mix of old-school death metal/ technical death/ grind/ USA

D.E.R. “Quando A Esperanca Desaba” Fussion of Grind core / Metal / Punk from Sao Paulo

DAEMONHEIM "Hexentanz" Pagan Black Metal/ Germany

DAEMONLORD/ LUX FERRE/ MALLEUS/ MORTINATUM "Acerbus Mortis" 4 way CD, black metal from Spain & Portugal

DAEMUSINEM "Daemusinem Domine Empire" melodic death black

DAILY BROKEN DREAM "Freedom" RAC NS hard core/ Germany

DAPNOM / KENJI SIRATORI “Nhir-otkiv Yima'k” Ritual Ambient against Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics/ France/ Japan
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