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DIMENTIANON “Collapse the void” black/ death/ doom with some ambient/ USA

DIMENTIANON “Seven Suicides” raw depressive black metal/ USA

DISFIGURED CORPSE “United Hellland” new album of brutal death metal band/ Czech

DISOVLO ANIMUS “Aleatoric Morte’ symphonic black metal/ Greece

DISSECTION “Live the witchwood” death black metal, live bootleg, in Ashton, UK, 03.02.1996

DISSENTER “Apocalypse of the damned” brutal death metal/ Poland

DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY “Echoes of My Sadness” Czech pagan doom metal legend

DIVINE CODEX "Ante matter" black metal/ Italy

DIVINE LUST "Divine Lust" great gothic melodic metal with female and male vocals/Portugal

DMC “Murderous Power” death metal/ death core/ Czech

DOBYTCI MOR “Syndrom” Brutal death/grind from the Czech Republic

DOLMEN “Eternidad Obscura” melodic death black metal/ Mexico

DONARS GROLL “Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten” Viking Rock/ Germany

DOOM SYNDICATE “Beyond Salvation” Fast Death Metal for fans of Suffocation, Vital Remains/ USA

DORMANTGOD “Animated Bas-Reliefs” Occult Dark Ambient/ Argentina

DOWNFALL "Meine Selbstzerstorung" ambient gothic music/ Spain

DOWNTHROAT "Verminate” brutal death metal/ Portugal

DRACONIAN AGE “The old legends of the battles” Black/ Pagan metal/ Brazil

DRACONIS SANGUIS "Between insanity and brilliance" black metal/ USA

DRAUGURINN “Myrkraverk” dark ambient/ Sweden

DREAM WEAVER "Fantasy Revealed" power heavy metal/ Greece


DROWNED IN BLOOD/ WARCRUSHER "Split CD" total war death metal/ Mexico

DUAL COMA "Reprogrammed H.A.T.E." death / thrash metal/ Poland

DUNKELHEIT “Frozen In Eternity” Depressive black metal/ Hungary

DUNKELSTORM “Schiksal” Symphonic black metal / Argentina

DURTHANG “Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation” Melancholic and Depressive Black Metal/ Sweden

DUSK “Contrary Beliefs” (in special cartoon package), New album of classics, dark-ambient, noise music/ Pakistan

DWOLE “A Requiem of Euphoric Nihilism” Industrial, Dark Ambient/ USA

DYING PASSION "Voyage" 2nd album of female fronted gothic doom with flute player / Czech

DYSANCHELLY “Secrets Of The Sun” melodic death metal/ Czech

DYSANCHELY “Nausea” Last album of Slovakian melodic death metal on Swedish way!

DYSCRASIA “Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants” Brutal Death Metal/ USA

DYSENTERY "From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh" death/ grind machine from USA

Of torment of grief” Black Death Metal/ Argentina

ECLIPTIC SUNSET “…From These Dried Lands” symphonic black metal / Argentina

EDENSHADE "The lesson betrayed" prog melodic death metal/ Italy

EJECUCION “Observation” Medieval doom metal/ Argentina

ELIWAGAR "And the ancestral pagan flame shall never fade" Pagan Folk Music/ Norway

ELYSIUM “Nine Ways to Leave” Extreme death/trash metal debut extréme Czech band!

EMANCER "The Menace Within" The 4th studio album from Norway's rising masters of modern black metal/ Norway

EMBRYOTOMY "Disassemble the dethroned" Satanic Death metal/ Macedonia

EMPHERIS / EMBRIONAL “The Spectrum Of Metal Madness” Split CD, Thrash/Death/Black Metal from Poland

EMPHERIS “Ancient Necrostorms” black metal/ Poland

EMPHERIS “Tribute to Black Desires” Thrash Black Metal/ Poland

EMPTY “Breath of my Mortal Daspair” Melodic black metal/ Spain

ENDART “Planet Rock” thrash metal/ Germany

ENDCRUSTED “Parabolic Mind Reflections" old school death metal

ENTROPIA "Takte Mòrbid" incl. 2 video clips, Brutal Gore Grind/ DeathMetal/ Spain

EQUINOX "The Immortal Kind" black/death metal... just as mighty as Morbid Angel meets early Old Man's Child/ USA

ERADYKATE “Rektaliation” brutal death metal/ France

ERESHKIGAL “Tragedies Of Death… The Afterlife” black metal/ mexico

ERESHKIGAL “Under the chains of Hell” Black Metal/ Mexico

ERIAMINELL "Enraged" Experimental Death/ Black Metal/ Italy

ET MORIEMUR “Cupio Dissolvi” Melancholy doom/ death metal for fans My Dying Bride, Saturnus/ Czech

ETERNAL RUIN "Decomposing Salvation" brutal death metal/ USA

ETERNAL RUIN/ LEUKORRHEA "Denied Existence"extreme death metal brutality from USA

ETHELYN “Traces into eternity” Black/ Death metal/ Poland

EVERLASTING DARK “Return to Darkness” Melancholic post/doom band from Czech

EVIG NATT “I Am Silence” gothic metal with female vocal/ Norway

EVIL DIVINE “Dawn before the dawn” extreme metal/ USA

EVIL WHIPLASH “Rituals Of Punishment” Old School Thrash Metal/ Colombia

EVISCERATED "Eviscerated" Brutal death metal from California's Bay Area

EWIGES REICH “Zeit des Erwachens” black metal/ Germany

EX CALIGA "First Visions" Atmospheric & Raw Finnish Black Metal/ Finland

EXALTED “We are the Grim Throng” full-length album of raw thrashy black metal with even a hint of groove/ USA

EXIT WOUNDS/ LUCIFERACE “Deathpoint/ Misery Ritual” Split CD death metal/ Finland

EXTINCT GODS “Wartribe” Death metal/ Poland

EXTREME DECAY "Progressive Destruction" Brutal Death Metal/ Indonesia

EXTREME DEFORMITY “Internal” old school Death/ Grind from Hungary

EZURATE "Eve Of Desecration" Satanic Black Metal from Chicago/ USA

EZURATE “An Ending to Revelations” Intense Black Metal for fans of Marduk, Mayhem and 1349/ USA
ELBOW DROP “I love tupa-tupa GxCx” Grindcore in vein of Birdflesh/ Colombia

F.O.B. "Follow The Instructions" Technical and brutal death metal from Czech Republic.

FACTION BRUNE “Terroristes armes de guitars” Tribute to Landcer, RAC/ France

FASTKILL “Nuclear Thrashing Attack” aggressive thrash metal/ Japan

FATIMA HILL “Aion “heavy metal/ Japan

FATIMA HILL “The Snow Tower” new album of great heavy metal band from Japan

FATUM ELISIUM “Fatum Elisum” doom death metal/ France

FATUM ELISIUM “Fatum Elisum” doom death metal/ France

FAUSTRECHT "Demo-Niaks" Expressionist Black Metal/ France

FEEBLE MINDED “Pernicious Intergrowth” Aggressive mixture of brutal technical death metal with grind core/ Czech

FEEBLE MINDED/ LIMITS OF NESCIENT death grind split/ Czech

FIR BOLG "Paganism" Celtic black metal/ France

FISTFUCK/ABERRANT split CD death/grind metal

FLAGELLUM DEI /LUX FERRE / STERKVIND 3 way CD, raw black metal

FLATV5/ FAECES ERUPTION split CD 2 gore grind projects/ Czech

FLESHRIPPER / OBLITERATION SPLIT CD, 2x old-school, brutal Death/Grind from Germany!

FOETICIDE ‘War Domain and Torment” melodic death metal /Mexico

FOETOPSY “In The bathroom” brutal death metal/ USA

FOLLOWBANE “Ceremonia” symphonic death/black metal unit from Kyoto/ Japan

FOMORII / WIATR Split CD, Pagan Black Metal/ Canada

FONY "Circles" NU metal/ UK

FOREST OF IMPALED “Rise and Conquer” black death metal/ USA

FORGOTTEN SOULS “Nine Syndromes” death black metal/ Poland

FOSCOR "The Smile Of The Sad Ones" Black Metal for fans of Emperor, Enslaved/ Italy

FRACTURED INSANITY “Mass Awakeless” Brutal Death/ Poland

FRAGMENT “Answers” doom metal/ UK

FREEVIL “Freevil Burning” great thrash/ heavy/ death metal, with members of Denata & Witchery / Sweden

FROM BEYOND “Endtime” Primordial tenebrous doom/ death from Czech Republic! Slow guitar riffs with brutal growling

FROM BEYOND “Sounds Of The Grave” doom/ death experience in the vein of Trouble, Cathedral, Entombed/ Czech

FROM FORGOTTEN BEING “Black Cataclysm” black metal/ Mexico

FROM THE ASHES “Mind Vortex” grind core like Regurgitate or Nasum/ Sweden

FROSTGRAVE "Hymn of the dead" old school black metal/ Israel

FUCK… I’M DEAD/ ENGORGED split CD, grind core/ death metal/ USA

FUNERAL FEAST “Genocide Ad Nauseam” Blackened Death Metal/ Finland

FUNGOID STREAM “Celaenus Fragments” Atmospheric Funeral Doom/ Argentina

FUNGOID STREAM “Oceanus” Atmospheric funeral doom metal/ Argentina

FYRDUNG “Hyperborea” Viking Metal/ RAC/ Sweden

GARCHAROT “Core of Despair” old-school, dark Death Metal from Finland

GEBRECHLICHKEIT “Ganz und Elend” Black Metal/ Germany

GEMISUADI "Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal" Insane brutal death grind from Ohio

GERMINALE “Confine” hard core/ Italy

GHAST "May the Curse bind" black doom metal/ UK

GHOULUNATICS "Mystrallengine" death metal/Canada

GOATPSALM “Erset La Tari” mixes of industrial ambient/ lo-fi noise and raw black metal/ Finland

GOATTHROWER “Cult of the Germanic Horde” black metal/ USA

GODDES OF DESIRE "Conquerors divine" heavy black'n'roll/ Germany

GODLESS TRUTH "Arrogance Of Supreme Power" Czech brutal death metal pulverizer!

GODLESS TRUTH "Arrogance Of Supreme Power" Czech brutal death metal pulverizer!

GODZ AT WAR “Post Mortem” death doom metal/ Germany

GONORRHEA PUSSY/ NECRO TAMPON Split MCD, grind core/ Germany/ UK

GOREPHAGIA/ BEAUTICIAN split CD brutal death/ grind/ Equador/ UK

GORETORTURE “Promised to kill you last… I lied” Brutal & gory Finnish death metal in vein of MALIGNANCY

GOREZONE “Brutalities of Modern Domination” Brutal Death/ Germany

GOTTLOS "Infernal Pandemonio" raw and fast true Unholy Black Metal featuring Barbarud from Maniac Butcher/ Czech

GRABNEBELFURSTEN “Dynastie...oder wie man Herrschaft definiert” Avant-garde Black Metal/ Germany

GRIMFORCE “Circulation to Conclusion” thrash metal/Japan

GRIMNESS 69 “IllHeaven Hells” Death/Grind/ Spain

GRIND WAR FINLAND - Irritate - Murder Company - Drunk Junkees - Emulgator grind bands from Finland

GROINCHURN “Fink” grind core/ South Africa

GROZA “Geçmisin Kasvetli Izleri” second opus, 12 Dark Metal Songs in Turkish Lyrics
GLACIAL FEAR “Frames” modern thrash angry metal/ Spain

GRUESOME MALADY “Infected with Virulent Seed” gore grind/ India

GUT “The Cumback 2006” porno/ cyber grind core/ Germany

HAEMORHAGE “The Kill Sessions” live album, gore death metal/ Spain

HAGALMA “Sublevacion” European power matal with Latin flavor/ Colombia

HAGGIS “Pride is Our Crime” oi! / hardcore/ Norway

HAISHA/ MIZUKO split CD grind crust core/ Japan (in paper package)

HAK-ED DAMM “Black Tortured Metal” Black Metal/ Canada

HAK-ED DAMM/ BLACKHORNED "Execrated" Black Metal/ Black/Thrash Metal/ Canada/ Denmark

HATE BEYOND “Perpetual Pain” powerful death thrash from Japan

HATE SUPREMACY “Under the reign of armageddon” death metal/ France

HAVARAX "No Access To The Divine" Depressive Slowly Black Metal from France in vein of Shinning , Burzum, Xasthur

HECATOMB "Impaled Apocalypse" Death Metal in the genre of Cannibal Corpse,Napalm Death and Obituary/ Turkey

HECATOMB “De composed in Hecatomb” Crossover death metal/ Turkey

HEGEMOON “Szaly Klamstw” pagan black metal/ Poland

HEIDEN "Obsidian" 4th dark opus, organic mixture of Black / Doom and Rock discover melancholic and decadent mood/ Czech

HEIDEN "Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku" fast Pagan Black Metal ala Trollech with great heathen atmosphere/ Czech

HELCARAXE “Broadsword” Second album from this excellent death metal band from New Jersey/ USA

HELLACAUST "Inevitable dementia" black metal/ Canada

HELLOWEEN “Live in Moscow” Speed metal/ Germany

HELLVETO “Medieval Scream” black metal in vein of Profanum & Emperor/ Poland

HERETIC SOUL "Born Into This Plague" Nihilistic Death Metal from Istanbul/ Turkey

HEULEND HORN “From the Caucasus to Gotland” Viking Black Metal/ Argentina

HEULEND HORN “The Saga Of Draugr” atmospheric viking metal with ambient parts/ Argentina

HIDDEN “Dead Land Energy” Black/ death with Neill/ Krieg vocals/ USA

HIDDEN “Spectral Magnitude” black metal/ USA


HOLY DEATH “Apocalyptic War” Apocalyptic Black Metal from Poland

HOLY DEATH “The Knight, Death and the Devil” Apocalyptic Black metal from Poland

HOLY SHIT B.S.E. “Fetish Coprological Trauma” grind death metal / Columbia

HORDE OF WORMS “Dreams and Dying Eyes” death metal/ Canada

HORROR BLAST “Sublime Vile Anomalies” grinding splatter death from Brazil

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM "Gold From The Sea" doom metal/ France

HOSTAL HANDHAKE “Hellish” melodic Hellenic stoner rock release/ Greece (in cartoon package!)

HOT BUTTERED ANAL "Please Kill Me" twisted angry metal/ USA

HYBRID VISCERY/ PSYCHOFAGIST "Selfless Spite" brutal death

HYDROPHOBIA “Human Shredder” grinding death metal/ Japan

HYPERBOREAN DESIRE "... V Kruhu Veskerenstva" Avantgarde Pagan Metal/ Czech

HYPERION “Through Centuries” heavy, technical and melodic death metal / Ukraine

IMMORTAL REMAINS "Everlasting Night" Dramatic Black Metal/ Germany

IMPEDIGON “As Desires Fade...” Black/death metal/ Belgium


IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE “Where Demons Dwells” Death Metal/ Brazil

IMPETIGO “Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust” gore grind/ USA

IMPURE “Corpses… Intense Stench” death grind / Spain

IN [PERFEKTION] “Vultures Among Us” Dark Electronic music/ Portugal

IN THA UMBRA "Midnight in the Garden of Hell" black death metal/ Portugal

INFAUST “Blutbad & Melancholie” black metal/ Germany

INFECTORIA “They Just Wouldn't Listen” modern melodic death metal/ Puerto Rico

INFERI “The End of a Weak Nature” Black death metal/ Argentina

INFERNAL ANGELS "Midwinter Blood" Epic Black Metal/ Italy

INFERNAL DREAMS "And I dream" dark metal/ Portugal

INFERNO / TUNDRA “Infernal Belief” Antihuman Black Metal versus Antitechnical Raw Black Metal/ Czech/ Italy

INFERNO REQUIEM “Gloomy night stories” black metal/ Taiwan

INFERUS “Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light” debut CD of satanic black metal/ Brazil

INFEST “Everlasting Genocide” Third full length album of blasting crushing Death Metal band/ Serbia

INFEST “Onward to Destroy” Second strike of this merciless raw Death Thrash Metal maniac from Serbia

INFINITE HATRED”Hateful Spell” Hatefull Raw Black metal from Korean Hell

INFLICTION “Trails of Obliteration” brutal death metal/ USA

INSANE “Preserve to Diverse” The new wave of thrash metal with melodic vocals and growling/ Czech

INSANE ASSHOLES "Grindzilla" Grindcore/ Italy

INSIGNIUM “In Die Abgrunde” Great modern Black Metal from Deutschland

INSPELL “Arcadian Tales: The Egregore” Symphonic Black Metal/ Bulgaria

INTERFECTOR “The Force Within” Great mixture of black, folk and thrash metal/ Bosnia

INTESTINAL DISGORGE “Sociopath” sick Grind core/ USA

INTESTINAL STRANGULATION “Pathological…” Extreme Death/Grind from the USA

INTO THE GORE "Pain Must Be Amplified" extreme death grind metal/ USA

INTRORECTALGESTATION "Hooves Of Human Teeth" MCD, blasting death grind/ UK

INVASION "Orchestrated Kill Maneuver" Death/Thrash Metal from Indiana/ USA

IRRITATE “Everyday Evil” mid tempo brutal death grind/ Finland

IRRITATE/ UTTER BASTARDS mid tempo death metal Finland vs. sludge crust from USA

ISKON "Dok Gnev proslosti Navire" dark black metal/ Serbia

ISKON “Gde krug večni svoj beskraj nudi” brand new album, Slavonic pagan black metal/ Serbia

ISKON “Tisina usnulih vekova” Slavonic pagan black metal/ Serbia

ISOLATION “Isolation” in cartoon slim, black metal/ Germany

JESUS MARTYR “Sudamerican Porno” death core with angry elements/ Argentina

JONBENETRAMSEY “The Forsaken Porning Of Prepubescent Anus” brutal death metal

JUDAS ISCARIOT “Dethroned, Conquered & Forgotten” MCD black metal/ USA

JUDAS ISCARIOT “Heaven In Flames” sinister grim black metal/ USA

JUGLANS REGIA “Visioni Parallele” Band plays a sort of heavy rock with a touch of prog/ Italy

KALI YUGA “Slaves To The Subliminal” Swedish Death Metal meets Metalcore from Germany

KARNA "The Haunted" dark ambient/ Russia

KATAPLEXIA “Supreme Authority” Brutal Death/ Finland

KAYNO YESNO SLONCE "Elohim Neva Senzu" neofolk/ ritual ambient/ Bulgaria.

KEEPER OF DREAMS “Taste Smashed to Pieces” Old school death metal in veins of Death, Pestilence/ Hungary

KILL BY NUMBERS “We Held Hands And Counted The Dead” death metal in the densest aura of BRUTALITY/ UK

KING'S-EVIL “Deletion of Humanose” great melodic thrash death/ Japan

KIRCHENBRANDT “Abgründe”Raw hatefull morbid Black Metal from Austria with german lyrics, Thy Nemesis Members!

KLUDDE/ WANHOOP black metal split CD from 2 Belgian bands!
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