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MORAVSKA ZIMA/ SLAVIGROM Split CD, black metal from Czech/ Slovak

MORBID SAVOURING “Insensitivicious” gore death metal/ USA

MORBIUS "Sojourns Through" Black/Death Metal/ USA

MORDETH Animicide Denmark death

MOREDHEL “Burn your local Church” (Live + Demo) Very high quality live + demo. Black Metal from Germany

MOREDHEL “Satanik Endsieg” Black Metal from Germany, First Full-length album!!

MORIBUND OBLIVION “Kin” Black Metal from Turkey

MORPHEUS “Elohim” dark ambient stuff, very dark / Spain

MORTA SCULD "Surface" death metal/ USA

MORTAL AGONY “Doberman” Brutal Death metal/ Germany

MORTAL FORM (Holland) "Taste The Blood" Death Thrashing Metal Holland

MORTAL WISH “Abracando A Escuridao” black metal/ Brazil

MORTAL WISH “Occulum” black metal/ Brazil

MORTUUS CAELUM “Ad Libertatem Per Mortem” Hellenic Black Metallers Mortuus Caelum are back!

MORVITY "Nemesis Omnisciente" death/ black metal/ Spain

MOULDED FLESH “In The Hands Of Evil” death metal in the vein of AVULSED and GROG/ Poland

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION “The Book of Kings” Funeral Doom metal/ Australia

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION “The Monad of Creation” Funeral Doom metal/ Australia

MUCOPUS "Undimensional" Brutal Death Metal/Grind/ USA

MULK “Putriologie” Hyper speed super aggressive grind core with brutal death metal/ France

MURKRAT "Drudging the Mire" Doom metal/ Australia

MURKRAT “Murkrat” doom gothic metal/ Australia

MY CROSS TO BARE “Lex Talionis” technical death core

MY DARK SIN “Cogitationes” fast and symphonic black metal/ Italy

MYSTES "From The Battlefields/ Pure Evil” Satanic black metal (with members of Besatt)/ Poland

MYSTES/ NABURUS/ NUCLEAR THORN "Hellish Whispers” 3 Way CD, black metal/ Poland

“Execution Of The Weak!” NS black metal/ Belgium

NAFAK “Guib-Bo-Rim” Melodic Death Metal/ Argentina

NAZGUL “Awaiting The Battle Ravens” black metal/ Spain

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE “Threshold of Conciousness” Powerful Prog/ Thrash Metal/ Argentina

NEBRON “The message” black metal/ Hungary

NECROABORTION “Brutal Misanthropy” Brutal Death Metal/ Argentina

NECROPHAGIA “Black Blood Vomitorium” gore death metal/ USA

NECROPHAGIA “Death Is Fun” death gore metal/ USA

NECROPHAGIA “Season of the Dead” gore metal/ USA

NECROVILE “The Pungency of Carnage” brutal death metal/ USA

NEKROHOLOCAUST “In Memories of Fire” Uncovering a Dark Jewel of Black/ Death Metal History/ USA

NEUROTIC MACHINERY “Opsialgia” Melodic progressive death metal/ Czech

NEVALOTH “La Diabolica Commedia” Atmospheric black metal with mystic keyboards from Slovakia

NEXUS 6 “A Strange Habitat” Black Metal

NICO “Schaffendes Deutschland” RAC ballads/ Germany

NIDRIKE “Blodsarv” Full length CD, Raw and cold black metal/ Sweden

NIEDERSCHLAG “Mehr Als Sterben…” Industrial metal/ Germany

NIFLHEIM “Personae” Symphonic Heavy Folk metal/ France

NIFLHEIM “Personae” Symphonic Heavy Folk metal/ France

NIGHTLY GALE “Illusion of Evil” melodic doom metal/ Poland

NIGHTMARE LODGE “Blind Miniatures” Ambient/ Italy

NIHIL OBSTAT “Inherited Primitive Behaviors” brutal death metal/ Brazil

NOCTURNAL DEVOTION “Virus…” / Slovakia

NOIA “Pure Scorn” A new album '07 of Black Metal from Italy

NOKTURNE/ NOCTIFIER “Wargod Dominion” black metal/ USA

NOMENMORTIS “Forget Arcadia” Crushing Brutal Death metal (CD includes bonus "Loathspells" album!)/ Slovakia

NOMENMORTIS/ CRUENT Split CD, Brutal death cult versus grindcore young blood! Both bands are from Slovakia.

NON OPUS DEI "Diabolical" diabolical metal with black metal influences/Poland

NORTT “Graven” Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal

NORTT “Ligfaerd” Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal

NOTHIN´ SUSS/ QUEEF HUFFER split CD, Gore grind/ Australia/ USA

NOVA ART "Follow Yourself" Progressive Gothic Metal/ Russia

NOX ILLUNIS “In Sideris Penumbra” seven tracks of sidereal black metal featuring fast blasting moments/ Italy

NUCLEAR BLAST ALLSTARS “Out of the Dark” Death / Trash / Industrial / Speed / Progressive

OATHEN “The Last Desperate 10 Years As Ever” Melodic Black Metal/ Korea

OBJECT 4 “Shades of Night” Dark ambient / Death industrial unit from Sweden

OBJEKT 4 “Extermination Processing Tower” Second album from this unique dark ambient project/ Sweden

OBLITERATE “Tangled Ways” death/grind/ Slovakia

OBLOMOV "Communitas" second full-length studio album of experimental black/ death metal/ Czech

OBSCENE EULOGY “Defining the Hate” new album, black metal/ Finland

OBSCENE EULOGY “Defining the Hate” new album, black metal/ Finland

OBSCURE OATH/ SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT split CD, both bands play Old school Grind core/ Germany

OBSCURE VORTEX “...Was einst war...” German Black Metal with pagan impact

OBSKURE “Overcastting” doom death metal/ Brazil

ODAR “Zavjet Dalekom Snu - Oath To The Old Dream” old school black metal from Bosnia in the vein of Burzum, Immortal

OGMIAS "Keltsky Hnev" War Black Metal / Czech

OMINOUS “Intercorpse” Brutal Death Metal for fans of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse/ USA

ONANIZER “Too good to be true” Grindcore/ Czech Republic

ONSLAUGHT “Power from hell” thrash metal, live in Gateshead 01.12.1984

OPERA MAGNA “POE” heavy power metal/ Spain

OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE “Asphyxia” industrial/ hard core/ USA

OPUS LEVIATHAN/ ALLVR "Dark Reborn Of Frozen Souls" split CD, black metal/ Bulgaria

ORGANIC INFEST “The Way To Temptation” death doom metal/ USA

ORTHODOX “Forever Not Yet” (Feat. Marcin "NOVY") Debut album of Technical Dark/ Death metal from Ukraine

ORUJHUK “Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy” with Infinite Hatred Members. Hellish Raw Black metal from Korea!

OSKAL “Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset” Cold and raw NS black metal/ Russia

OSSUARY “Black Winds of Conspiracy” death metal in South American style/ Colombia

OUROBOROS “Lux Arcana” The debut CD of the Italian Esoteric Dark Ambient art

OXIDISED RAZOR "La Realidat des sangrienta" sick gore grind/ Mexico

PAČESS “Monte Liliorum” Pagan metal/ Czech

PAGALGUENNA “Dreams” black pagan metal in the vein of Mactatus / Cryptic Wintermoon/ Germany

PAGAN FLAME "Symbol of life and light" pagan black metal/ Canada

PAGAN HELLFIRE “In Desolation, In Ruins” black metal/ Canada

PAGAN WINTER “Inferos” black metal/ Germany

PANDEMIA “Spreading the message” fast death metal/ Czech

PANYCHIDA “Woodland Journey” pagan metal/ Czech

PAPERCUT HOMICIDE "From Filth Comes Grace" Death core/ U.K.


PAROXYSM “Scars of the art” Brutal groovy extreme Death Metal

PARRICIDE "Illtreat " brutal death from Poland


PERGAMEN LUCIFERIAN “Masakr 666” raw black metal/ Czech

PERUN “The Wolflegion” Cold Misanthropic Black Metal in the vein of Bathory, Old Samael, Hades/ Slovenia

PERUNICA “Triumf Odwiecznych Prawd” Pagan metal/ Poland

PESSIMIST "Evolution unto evil» Death metal/ USA

PEST “Hail The Black Metal Wolves of Belial” Satanic and evil, raw Finnish Black Metal/ Finland

PESTA PORCINA "Tots trempant" Rural Gore Grind/ Spain

PHANATOS “Opus 2” Gothic/neo-classical/filmic music/ Sweden

PHANTASMA "Jahve" The third album of Slovak Satanic MORBID ANGEL school death metal.

PIRANA “Corruption” Mexican intense thrashers PIRANA is finally back with their long time awaited 2nd full album!

PIRANA “Corruption” Mexican intense thrashers PIRANA is finally back with their long time awaited 2nd full album!

PLAN E "Songs For A Rainy Day" Experimental Gothic Metal//Post-Rock / Finland

PLASTIC EARTH “S.E.A.M.” extreme refined melodic metal/ Japan

POCCOLUS “Poccolus” Pagan metal/ Lithuania

POLYMORPH “Innocent Suffering“old school brutal Death Metal ala early Dismember meets Morbid Angel/ Germany

POOLSIDE AT THE FLAMINGO "This will end badly" Death core/ Grind core/ USA

PORFYRIA “Enjoy the pain/ Duality” brutal death from Slovakia

PORNO COMA Ambassadors of Embarrassment angry

PORPHYRIA/ SOULLESS “Mayhemic Blast/ The 1st Act Of Desecration” death metal/ Poland

POSTNECRUM "Estruendo de Legiones" Sympo black metal from Mexico.

PRIMAL “Deathzone” Old school Satanic Black metal

PRIMEVAL MASS “As Solemn Maelstrom” Black Metal from Greece

PRION “Time of Plagues” fast black death metal/ Argentina

PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" Black death metal hurricane/ Poland
PROHIBITORY “In Death we trust” death metal/ Mexico

PROHIBITORY “Possessed And Dismembered” death metal/ Mexico

PROJECT X “Blueprint foe Xcess” hard progressive rock/ UK

PROTEST “About Human Idols” great death metal/ Czech

PROTEST “Have a Rest Please” death grind/ Slovakia


PSYCHOBOLIA “Fisting You All” technical brutal death metal/ Spain

PSYCHOFAGIST “Psychofagist” unstable grind core/ USA

PSYCHOMANCER “Butchered” Old-School Death Metal for fans of Death, Deicide and Obituary/ USA

PSYCHOPARADOX “Reapeiron” melodic death dark metal/ Yugoslavia

PULVERIZED “Spheres Of Deprave” brutal death metal/ Mexico

PUREST "Renascence" Black Metal/ Germany

PURGATORY "Luciferianism" fourth full length CD of the German death metal legend is prepared for Armageddon!

PUTRID SCUM “Putrid Scum” grind death/ Germany

PUTRIDITY/ INFATUATION OF DEATH “Ten Acts of Death Metal Terror” Brutal Death Metal/ Antichristian Black Death

PYURIA “Oubliette ontology” brutal death metal/ Finland

QHWERTT “Cloudland” Funeral drone doom metal/ Argentina

QUELONIO “Vicio y Virtud” power metal/ Spain

QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA "The 5th Harmonic of Death" atmospheric black metal/ Ukraine

RABID DOGS “Rabid Dogs” debut album, Italian mixture of grind core, power violence, punk and rock & roll

RADICAL “Perfecto Infierno” 14 songs of furious thrashcore metal/ Uruguay

RAJAM “Burning Antarctica” Black Metal from Indonesia

RATO RARO “Acidethc” Grindcore/ Spain

RAUHNACHT “Vorweltschweigen” CD in 7'' sized foldout cover w/ inlay, Alpine Black Metal/ Austria

RAVENDUSK “Shadowcast“ Illustrious blackened doom metal with gothic touches/ Poland

RAVEN'S BANE "Misery Perserved" Obscure and deep ritual chamber ambient from Demoncy member!

RAVEN'S BANE “Sorrow Breeds” Dark ambient, new album/ USA

RAWRADARWAR/ DEER CREEK, split CD,Sludge/ Doom Metal/ USA

REALM OF CARNIVORA “Verised Revlad” Estonian Black Metal, debut CD/ Estonia

REDOX "Equilibrium" the new brand CD, 11 tracks of heavy thrash metal/ Spain

RELEASE “End of the Light” sludge core/ USA

REMMIRATH “Polis Rouge” Black Metal with many elements from outside varying from Folk to Jazz

RESURRECTED “Fairless to the Flesh” death metal/ Germany

RESURRECTURIS “The cuckoo clocks of hell" original death metal from Italy

RESUSCITATOR “Cursed Visions from Infernal Realm” death black/ USA

REVENGE "Victory. Intolerance.Mastery” black death metal/ Canada

REVENGE “Infiltration. Downfall. Death” doom division returns with their third full length album/ Canada

REVERIE “Isolation” depressive black/death metal with acoustic passages/ USA

RONCSIPAR "Antimonumentum" experimantal stoner rock - industrial,for fans of Neurosis, God Flesh/ Hungary

ROOTS OF ROT “Hated Flesh” Brutal death metal/ Mexico

ROTTEN COLD / HUMAN MASTICATION Split CD death grind/ Austria/ Indonesia

S.N.P. “Scarface” Progressive Thrash Metal/ Italy

SAGARIS "Raising the oldest" High speed Black Metal in the genre of Marduk, Dark Funeral and Emperor/ Turkey

SAHSNOTAS “Creator of Chaos” Black Metal from Germany

SARALEE “Darkness Between” gothic metal/ Finland

SARATAN "Antireligion" Death Thrash Metal/ Poland

SATANIC HOLOCAUST “Raw Black Metal Holocaust” Black Metal from Germany

SATANOCHIO "I am satanochio" Avantgarde Black Metal/ Romania

SATARIAL “Heidenlarm” folk black metal/ Russia

SATOR MARTE “Termonuklearni Evoluce” black metal from Czech

SATOR MARTE “Za zdmi” Black Metal Commando SATOR MARTE has a new album/ Czech

SCALDIC CURSE "Pathogen" black metal/ UK

SCAR "Antiphon de Entrada" doom metal/ Mexico

SCENT OF FLESH “Valour of Hatred” brutal death metal/ Finland

SCUMFUCK “Analblasting Rubberplug” pornogrind from Germany

SEAR BLISS “Forsaken Symphony” great black metal from Hungary

SEASICK Bestie Mensch” grind crust/ Germany

SECOND LASS “Try to paint a fitfull love…” gothic rock/ love metal/ Italy

SECRETS SHE KEPT “Requiems To Midnight, Woe” black metal/ USA

SECTION 37 “The Kudos of Serial Killing” eclectic dark electronic/ UK

SECTIONED “Purulent reality” old school death metal/ USA/ Hungary

SEED OF HATE “A tragedy of lustfulart” black metal/ Italy

SEEDS OF SORROW “Immortal Junkies” technical death metal/ Austria

SEEKING OBSCURE “Seeking obscure” aggressive mix of thrash, black and death metal/ USA

SEKHMET “Pomsta Pekelnych Legii” black metal/ Czech

SEVERED CROTCH "The Nature Of Entropy"the new wave of icelandic death metal

SHADOW CUT “Pictures of Death” black/death metal/ Finland

SHINING ABYSS “Sacrifice-reh 96" Polish black metal cult!

SHIVAL.VAH “Decay Of Our Nation” technical brutal death metal as Cryptopsy / Skinless / Pyaemia styles!/ Mexico

SICKNOTE "Rudenia" melancholic metal/ Finland

SICKNOTE "Rudenia" melancholic metal/ Finland

SIEGHETNAR “Kältetod” depressive Black Metal with lot of atmosphere/ Germany

SIEGHETNAR “Verfallen und Verendet” depressive black metal/ Germany

SINAH “Sparkling Scars of Intuitivism” straightforward, cold storming Black Metal/ Ukraine

SINOATH “Forged in Blood” doom black metal, re-press of demo stuff/ Italy

SIXTY WATT SHAMAN "Ultra Electric" American stoner metal from Baltimore/ USA

SJENOVIK “Jouissance” Atmospheric Black Metal/ Dark Ambient/ USA

SKADY “Eyn Raunen im Tannicht” Folk Black Metal/ Germany

SKEPTICISM “Ethere” MCD doom metal/ Finland

SKEPTICISM “Farmakon” funeral doom, new album/ Finland

SKEPTICISM “Stormcrowfleet” Funeral Doom Cult!!! /Finland

SKEPTISISM “ Alloy” funeral doom/ Finland

SKIN INFECTION “Retribution” Cold & Misanthropic Black metal like Dark Funeral, Immortal/ Sweden

SLAUGHTER “Stick It Live” heavy metal, live album/ USA

SLAUGHTER THOU “Lest we forget” death metal/ Australia

SLAVLAND "Echa Wiekуw Pradawnych" Pagan Black Metal/ Poland

SLAVLAND “Echa Wiekow Pradawnych” Pagan metal/ Poland

SLEEPLESS "Winds blow higher" dark symphonic gothic metal / Israel

SMERSH/ VIOLADOR split CD grind core from Russia VS gore grind from Mexico

SMIRNOFF "Inhuman torture" death metal with crust elements/ Germany

SNOTARAR “Through the Time...Behind Lies” black metal/ Sweden

SOCIAL SHIT “Grinder Kaos” Brutal death grind metal/ Argentina

SOL EVIL “Sanctus Satanas” Black Metal/ Usa

SOL EVIL “Sanctus Satanas” Black Metal/ USA

SOL NEGRO “Bellish Furnace” raw black metal/ USA

SOMBRES FORETS "Quintessence" black metal/ Canada

SOMNUS “Through creations end” dark black metal/ USA

SONNEILON “Pollymorphous” Symphonic Black metal/ Poland

SORATH "Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra" third and newest album of Czech black metal band

SORATH “Gnosis” Melodic Black/Death Metal / Czech

SORATH “Omnes Dii Gentium Daemonia” Melodic Black/Death Metal / Czech

SORDIERS DES GLACES "Moonrise in total darkness" black metal/ Canada

SORE “Gruesome Pillowbook Tales” gory, old-school Death Metal from Germany!

SOUL FORSAKEN “Tales of the Macabre” black metal. More GORELORD member material! / Norway

SOULEDGE “Blood has No Limit” unique Death Metal style at the level of the MALEVOLENT CREATION/ Colombia

SOULLESS “Agony's Lament” thrash death/ USA

SOULLESS/ EXECRATOR Split CD death metal/ Poland/ Italy

SOUTHERN ELITE CIRCLE CD Compilation - with Ulfhethnar, Nachtgeblut, Campo de Mayo, Furor, Argenraza, Argentum

SPINELESS FUCKERS “It Is Just a Real One” Grind core with violoncello! Funny grind from Czech

SPITE EXTREME WING "Magnificat" Melodic Black Metal/ Italy

STALAGGH “Nihilistik Terrror” ambient noise music/ Holland

STIELAS STORHETT “Vandrer…” black metal/ Russia

STILLNESS BLADE "The first dark chapter" death metal/ Italy

STÍNY PLAMENŮ “Mrtvá komora” Aggressive and powerful album by Stíny plamenů. Black metal in Swedish vein/ Czech

STÍNY PLAMENU “Výprava Za Pravdou” black metal, new album/ Czech

STRANGULATION “Atrocious Retribution” death metal to fans of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Insision/ Sweden

STRYCHNINE “Inverted Crucifixion” death metal/ USA

STUMM “I” Sludge Drone Doom Metal/ Finland

SUBURBAN TERRORIST/ SEPSIS Split CD, Slovakian deathcore metal meats Czech death metal on one disc!

SUFFERICATION “Day of darkness” Cult Death metal from Malaysia! Discography album.

SUIDAKRA “”Book of Dowth” Based melodic death metal meets a lot of celtic elements/ Germany

SUIDAKRA “”Book of Dowth” Based melodic death metal meets a lot of celtic elements/ Germany

SUPREME CONCEPTION “Liturgy of Spiritual Disturbance” A new brutal death metal sensation from Czech Republic

SUPREME PAIN “Cadaver Pleasures” brutal death metal/ Holland

SVAFNIR “The Heathen Chapters” Pagan folk metal/ Germany

SVARROGH “Kukeri” folk black metal/ Serbia

SVARTPEST “Ved Den Drabelige…” Black metal (members of Necrophagia, Gorelord, Wurdulak)/ Norway

SWEETS FOR MY SWEETS/ 3 ways CD with Confession of Obscurity, Outcast, and Immersed in Blood/ grind

SYLVAN REALM “The lodge of transcendence” unique philosophical approach to the dark/black metal genre/ USA

SYMBOLYC "Engraved Flesh" Extreme Death Metal/ Italy

SYTRY “Hunger Of Cold Nights” black metal/ Italy

TALAMYUS “Raven's call To Annihilation” Viking metal/ Canada

TAUNUSHEIM "Nebelkampfe" Seven pagan metal hymns, the songs tell of glorious battles and ancient nordic sagas/ Germany

TENDENCIA "Re-Evolution" angry metal with touch of Rage against the Machine

TENEBRARUM “Tenebrarum Alta Magia” black metal/ Colombia

TERATISM “Service for the Damned” death metal/ USA

TERROR SQUAD “Chaosdragon Rising” thrash metal, new album/ Japan

TERRORDROWN “Colonize and Regulate” Intense Black metal/ France

THANATHRON “Thanathron” Black Metal/ Poland

THANATHRON/ EMPHERIS “The Rituals of Possession in Blasphemy” Poland Black metal split.

THE CARNIVAL/ ENORMITY Split CD old black/thrash vs. ugly taste of underground death metal/ Finland

THE CHASM “Conjuration of the Spectral Empire” death metal /USA

THE COLD BEYOND “Deathbed Revelation” Synthetic black metal/ USA

THE COLD EXISTENCE “Sombre Gates” melodic death metal/ Sweden

THE ETERNAL “The Sombre Light of Osolation” gothic/doom/ Finland

THE FORENSIC "The Becoming" Brutal death metal with Sweden melodic touches, but with self style/ Mexico

THE FROST “Damned and Forgotten” Croatian Misanthropic Raw Black metal.

THE FROST/ BLACK FIRE “Between Ice and Fire/ Illucescit Mortis Jesu” Black metal split/ Croatia & Colombia

THE GIALLOS FLAME “The Giallos Flame” Prog music meets horror music

THE GROWL FAMILY “Putrifixion” 12 songs of intense brutal death metal/ Uruguay

THE HERETIC “Memorandum (1997-2007)” Sympho Black metal/ Spain

THE HOWLING VOID "Megaliths Of The Abyss" Symphonic Funeral Doom / USA

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "The Mill Hill Sessions" Experimental Black Metal/ UK

THE NULLL “Collective De Monstris” Funeral Doom/Death metal/ Belgium

THE PIT “Disrupted Human Symmetry” thrash deayh metal/ Mexico

THE SCARR "Animalenemy" Gothic project of Pete Johansen, violinist of Trsitania and The Sins of Thy Beloved

THE SICKENING “Death Devastation Decay” Brutal Death/ Sweden

THE TRUE ENDLESS “Buried by Time and Dust” black metal/ Italy

THE UNHOLY "As Below, So Above" crushing satanic sludge doom/ USA

THE UNHOLY "Ash Wednesday" sludge doom/ USA

THE WIZAR'D “Infernal Wizardry” doom metal/ Australia

THE WOLVES OF AVALON “Carrion Crows over Camlan” Pagan Metal project of Metatron from Meads of Asphodel/ UK

THE ZEPHYR «Fake Measure Smile" intense thrash death metal, new album/ Mexico

THEGALVINWILHELMMILLERQUARTET CD feat. members of Avulsion, new school grind core/ USA

THIRST “Per Aspera Ad Astra” melodic black metal/ Poland

THOTH “Zamglenie” Depressive Black Metal/ Poland

THRONE OF NAILS “Act of war” melodic death metal/ UK

THY ANTICHRIST/ UTUK XUL split CD of black metal bands/ Columbia

THY HASTUR “The Ancients” dark metal with keyboards/ Poland

TIARRA “Post Scriptum” gothic metal/ Romania

TICKET TO HELL “Man Made Paradise” Modern Death/ Thrash metal/ Mexico

TINIEBLAS “Dark Infernal Light” black metal/ Puerto Rico

TIWAZ "T-Stamped Spear" Pagan Black Metal/ Brazil

TJOLGTJAR “Holnijimnjok” Occult Black Metal/ USA

TODESSTOSS "Sauglingshangwerk Aushilfsheins" Depressive Black Metal/ Germany

TODESSTOSS "Wurmer zu weinen" 45 minutes of extreme avantgarde black metal art in the true sense/ Germany

TORMENTIA “Pro Patria” hatecore/ RAC/ Poland

TORTURE INCINDENT/ BRUTAL INSANITY Split CD gore grind (in cartoon sleeve)

TORTURE THRONE “The serpents Cult” Old school Death metal/ France

TOTAL DEATH "Desolate Recollection" Great doom death metal

TOTAL DEVASTATION "Wreck" industrial death metal/ Finland

TOTAL DEVASTATION “Reclusion” death metal with industrial elements/ Finland

TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT “Trampled Underfoot” Power / Progressive Metal/ USA

TRAPJAW “Terror Divine” thrash/ death metal/ Germany


TROLLECH “Svatoboj” live recordings from Brno, Pure Forest Black Metal... plus DivX video/ Czech

TRUCULENCY "Eviscerate The Paraplegic" Technical brutal death metal madness/ USA

TU CARNE “Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor!” great gore grind/ Spain

TUATHA DE DANAAN “Thuatha De danan” epic doom metal/ Brazil

TUMOUR / CANNIBE Split CD 2011 gore/ noise grind vs. gore grind/ Holland/ Italy

TYRANT “Grimoires” new album, glorious symphonic black metal from Japan

UHRILEHTO "Ihmisvihan Eliitti" Dirty Black-Metal with Death-Metal influences / Finland

UHRILEHTO “Vitutus Millennium” melodic dark black metal/ Finland

ULFHETHNAR “Essense of Superiority” fast pagan black metal

ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE “Pornokult” Groove gore metal/ Italy

UMBRA NIHIL “The Borderland Rituals” Frosty, obscure and hypnotic doom metal/ Finland

UMBRAE “Infamous Revelations” gothic death metal / Mexico

UMBRTKA "Ivo" The obscure Czech band is back with another dose of "grey metal"

UMBRTKA “Kovovy Haj” raw black metal with industrial influence/ Czech

UMBRTKA “Kovovy Haj” raw black metal with industrial influence/ Czech

UNBURIED “Slut Decapitator” blasting gore/death metal/ USA

UNFIT ASSOCIATION “Absurd Reality/ Flagging Water” Mid-paced, angry old school Death Metal/ Hungary

UNHOLY KILL “Znameni hori” first Czech unsophisticated True Unholy Black Metal horde!!!

UNIO MYSTICA “Unio Mystica” gothic dark ambient/ Sweden

URGRUND “Disciples of Supremacy” thrash black metal/ Australia

URGRUND “Unchangeable Fate” thrash black metal/ Australia

URSCHREI “Heidenzorn” Pagan Metal/ Germany

URUK-HAI "Dragons of War" Epic Fantasy Ambient Metal of over 70 minutes long in a DVD case/ Spain

URUK-HAI “In Durins Halls” CD in slim-DVD case, Epic Black Metal/ Spain

UTERUS “Goatgod” Cold raw old school black metal/ Ukraine

UTOPIA “Utopia” Last album of Czech grindcore masters!

V/A CD DAWN OF THE ANTICHRIST CD compilation with Annihilation 666, Permafrost, Knochenfell, Amalek, Kirchenbrand, Blutrache, Schwarzer Tod, Heretic, Antiphrasis, Celephais, Isolfur, Epithalium, Todfeind – black metal

V/A CD ENTER THE RAMPAGE 3-CD compilation with Japanese & Korean Metal bands – 47 bands!!!

V/A CD THE SWINE OF HELL metal compilation, with Evo [Warfare]/ Algy Ward [Tank], Taake, Sigh, The Meads of Asphodel, Thus Defiled

VALFEANOR "En ny Tid" Heroic Viking Black Metal/ Austria

VALHOM "Desolation" Desolate Satanic Black Metal/ USA

VARDAN/ STRIBORG Split CD, Melancholic, Deep and Depressive Black Metal/ Italy/ Australia

VARGR “Storm Of Northern Evil” Unclean, ugly and lo-fi Black Metal in its most unpure form/ Russia

VARGRIMM “Des Wolfes Zorn” Black Pagan Metal/ Germany

VASTATOR "Only Hell knows" Heavy thrash metal from Chile

VASTION “Closed Eyes to nothing” death metal/ UK

VEDONIST “The World Of Reversed Decalogue” amazing technical thrash/ death metal from Poland

VEER “The Measure Of Waste” groovy, morbid Black Metal with a bit of R'n'R feeling from Hungary

VELDRAVETH "Undefined God" Black metal from Venezuela

VENDETTA “Ejsakai Vadasz/ Night Hunter” RAC

VENGEFUL “The Omnipresent curse” Crushing technical brutal death metal is the name of the game here/ Canada

VERY WICKED “Goregut Greed” gore death metal/ Germany

VIA DOLOROSA “Discipline and Ironfist: 10 years of Tiranny” NS Black metal/ Italy

VIDRES A LA SANG “Som” Death Metal/ Spain

VINTERRIKET “Wege in die Vergangenheit” great Black Metal Album from Vinterriket/ Germany

VINTERTHRON "Reign Ov Opposites" black metal/ Brazil

VOICE OF HATE "The handling of flesh" New release of death grind band with an own brand/ Spain

VOLKOLAK “Disappear” 46minutes of Slavonic Pagan Folk in Volkolak pure's tradition!/ Russia

VORACE “Vorace” death metal/ France

WALDSCHEIN “Verborgene Pfade” Pagan Metal/ Germany

WALDTRAENE “Fern der Wurzel” Acoustic Pagan Folk/ Germany

WALK THROUGH FIRE “Furthest From Heaven” Doom metal/ dark ambient/ Sweden

WAR FOR WAR "Kovy odjinud" Epic Experimental black metal in the vein of Master’s Hammer/ Czech

WAR FOR WAR "Vez smrti" Epic experimental black metal/ Czech

WAR FOR WAR “War Is The Only Way” fast and raw satanic Back Metal for fans of Marduk, Setherial plus divx video/ Czech

WARBLADE “A Crisis In The Gray Space” melodic death metal

WARFECT "Depicting The Macabre" Melodic Thrash Death/ Sweden

WARMBLOOD “Timor Mortis” death metal/ Italy

WAXEN "Fumaroth" barbaric Pure black metal in the old way! Sick and scary/ USA

WAYD “Ghostwalk’ 4-th album of Slovak technical death / jazz band! Music as Death, Cynic, Atheist, Pan-Thy-monium

WELTBRAND “The Cloud of Retaliation” Industrial black metal/ Holland

WHORRID "Time Heals Nothing" Death/Thrash Metal from Chicago/ USA

WHOURKR “Naat” Experimental brutal death metal mixed with extreme electronics, very complex song structures/ France

WILK "Hammer of hate" compilation of two already sold out MCD’s of this black metal band from Poland

WINDFALL “Time Of The Haunted” melodic death metal/ Greece

WINTERBLOOD "Incantazione" 2 tracks of pure Dark Black Ambient for a total of 40 minutes

WISHMASTER “Hounting the man” Death metal/ Poland

WOLF AND WINTER “Endless Forest of Silent Sorrow… The Howl of Fate” black metal/ Argentina

WOLFSGESANG/ RABENSCHREI split CD NS black metal like Absurd, Bilskirnir/ Germany

WOLFSKRAFT “Wortgefecht” RAC Metal from Germany

WOLFSRUDEL “Nationaler Widerstand” RAC /Germany

WOLFSRUNE "Screams of the forgotten" Mid.-tempo Black Metal from North Germany in the vein of first Totenburg

WOLFSWINTER “Nordal” black metal/ Germany

WOLFTRIBE “Pure Odium” 1O trax of pure black metal from Poland

WORMEATEN “Tortured Cadaveric Humanity” This is real Colombian Death-Grind! Video Track Included

WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" old school death metal/ Finland

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS “The Sunken Threshold” gloomy Doom/Sludge/ Ireland

WYRD "Kalivägi" Kalivägi represent again the old pagan / black metal style known from their cult albums/ Finland

XASTHUR “Nocturnal Poisoning” black metal/ USA

XASTHUR “The Funeral of Being” black metal/ USA

XOLOTL “Xolotl” Aztec black metal/ USA

YATROGENY “Taedium Vitae” melodic death metal/ Mexico

YOUR KID\'S ON FIRE “Aught Six: A Necrodyssey” 22 songs of pure Death/Grind in the vein of REPULSION/ USA

YUMMA-RE "Eden" Hypnotic Music/ Italy

ZERSTORER “Wem Die Stunde schlaght” RAC/ Germany

ZİFİR “You must come with us” Debut album of Raw Black Metal Band/ Turkey

ZOTZ “Hermetic” melodic death metal/ Mexico

КОЛОВРАТ/ HALLGESANG “Unity in Action” split CD RAC metal Russia/ Austria

Digi CD AGHIATRIAS “Ethos” Brand new album of apocalyptic orchestral dark industrial/ Czech

Digi CD AGLAROND “The Journeys End” great deep dark metal/Mexico

Digi CD AGONY LORDS “Nihilist Passion” melodic death metal/ Mexico

Digi CD ARISE “The Godly Work of Art” Death/ Thrash Metal/ Sweden

Digi CD BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES “Nightmare of the Blackened Heart” occult blackened ambient noise!

Digi CD BLACK JADE “Of forest and fire” Terrific Melodic Black Metal based on J.R.R Tolkiens Silmarillion

Digi CD BLESSMON "Under the storm of hate" Fast and Grim Black Metal, including 4 Bonustracks /Austria

Digi CD CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST “Soundtrack CD by Riz Ortolani” gore music from famous film!

Digi CD CHARGER “Confessions Of A Man” Sludge Metalcore/ UK

Digi CD CLOSING THE ETERNITY “Noughtwards” 74 minutes of long dark drone ambient/ Russia

Digi CD DAEMONOLITH “By order of decimation” black metal, international project from Scotland, Greece and Germany

Digi CD DEATH & GLORY “Blut und Asche” Pagan Metal/ Germany

Digi CD DEATHSTAR "Golden Feathers" death black metal with its fair share of thrash metal moments/ Czech

Digi CD DEMIMONDE “Mutant Star” Avant-garde death - doom - black metal with excellent male / female vocals!/ Czech

Digi CD DER BLAUE RITTER “Le Paradise Funиbre - L'envers Du Tristesse» orchestral dark wave/ Spain

Digi CD ELIWAGAR “Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden” Pagan Folk Music/ Norway

Digi CD ELIWAGAR “Fra Hjertet Av Norden” pagan folk music/ Norway

Digi CD EMANCER "Twilight and Randomness" Supreme progressive black metal from Norway

Digi CD ENOCH “Graveyard Distrubances” Horror Soundtrack CD

Digi CD GORGONEA PRIMA "Black Coal Depression" Elektro – Industrial Black metal/ Czech

Digi CD GUILT “Bardstown ugly” metal core

Digi CD LEICHENZUG/ EVISCERATED “Feuertod /Death in its nicest forms” split CD, black metal/ Germany/ Sweden

Digi CD LUCIFUGUM "Invade" black metal/ Spain

Digi CD LUNATIC GODS “Ante Portas” Very hot 5-th album of Slovak experimental black / death gigant!

Digi CD MENTAL FUNERAL “Mental Funeral” Old school Death Metal... Includes cover of Autopsy's classic/ USA

Digi CD NECRONOLOGY “Herman Kopp” Soundtrack for the Jorg Buttgereit’s film “Nekromantik”

Digi CD NEED “The Wisdom Machine”

Digi CD PAGAN SPIRIT “Hlasy vzyvajuce staru vieru” Second album from masters of occult pagan black metal from Slovakia

Digi CD PIAREVARACIEN “If No Sun” pagan metal/ Belarus

Digi CD SATAN´S REVENGE ON MANKIND "Supreme Malicious Necro Terror” Gore grind/ Germany

Digi CD SKADY “Mysterium” Black Metal/ Germany

Digi CD SMASHED FACE “Virulent Procreation” Brutal Death Metal/ Czech

Digi CD SOULSEARCH “Liedersammlung” Pagan Folk doom metal/ Austria

Digi CD STALAGGH "Project Nihil" misanthropy nihilistic audio terror band, music between black and electro noise/ Holland

Digi CD TABOR RADOSTI “Lamat” shamanic ritual dark ambient/ Czech

Digi CD TEMPLAR "Dark Circus" Dark Wave Metal from Australia

Digi CD TENEBROUS “Arias Toward the Black Sun” Epic black metal for fans of Burzum

Digi CD TROBAR DE MORTE "Reverie" Pagan folk/ medieval/ Spain

Digi CD TROLLECH/ HEIDEN split CD, forest black metal vs blackened metal/ Czech

Digi CD UMBRA NIHIL "Gnoia" lovecraftian gloom metal/ Finland

Digi CD UNJUST “Glow” gothic love metal/ USA

Digi CD URSHURARK “Pandemonium Theory” great black thrash metal/ Italy

Digi CD URUK-HAI “Black blood, white hand” Black Metal Ambient / Folk Metal/ Spain

Digi CD VELNIAS “Sovereign Nocturnal” Black/ Doom/ Folk Metal/ USA

Digi CD VOLLENDUNG “Wenn Sie Stirbt” RAC music/ Germany

Digi CD YANSEN “Sowelu” Black Metal with Pagan Folk & Ambient elements/ Germany

D-CD BONEMACHINE “Erste Rotation” in DVD case, Military Industrial / Dark Ambient from Austria

D-CD CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC “World Erased” Black Metal/ Hungary

D-CD DR MERLIN "Peches de jeunesse" Pagan song/ France

D-CD FORGOTTEN TOMB “Vol 5” blackened doom metal/ Italy

D-CD KHORS “The flame of eternity's decline/ Cold” re-issue of two albums, black death metal/ Ukraine

D-CD OBJECT 4 “Mindscars” in original cartoon sleeve, Dark Ambient / Industrial from Sweden

D-CD PHLEGETON “Drifting in the Crypt” Death Metal/ Finland

D-CD UMBRTKA “Pane & Uhelna panev” Grey prachmatic raw black metal with industrial influence/ Czech

Digi D-CD ATRITAS "Rising Of Eternal Dusk / Dunkler Reigen" True Fucking Symphonic Black Metal/ Switzerland

Digi D-CD DEMONCY “Within the Sylvian Realms / Faustian Dawn” great black metal/ USA

Digi D-CD THE DARK BEYOND “The Fire Within” with DVD, furious melodic death metal for fans of Dissection/ Mexico

DVD MANIAC BUTCHER "Dead But Live" black metal/ Czech DVD ANARCHUS “Still Alive and Still Too Drunk…In Tokyo Live” Old School GRIND CORE Assault....

DVD METAL SWAMP - black and pagan metal bands from Metal Swamp no.28 festival. Stiny plamenu, Panychida, Solfernus, Trollech, Hromovlad, Unclean. Over 120 minutes of video materials + bonus text info about bands....

Цена фирменного диска 250 рублей. DVD, D-CD (двойной диск) стоят 300 рублей.

При заказе одного- двух дисков всегда добавляйте 100 рублей на почтовые расходы! При заказе от 3х дисков цена уже включает в себя расходы на почту! Просто вышлите стоимость заказываемых позиций, без дополнительной доплаты!

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