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Part II:


AENAON “Phenomenon” black metal/ Greece

AISLING “Trath Na Gaoth” First full length album from these Celtic black metalers/ Italy

ANCIENT GODS “Mystic Lands” melodic death black metal MCD/ USA

ANTHROPOFAGUS “Alive is Good, Dead is better” MCD gore grind opus from Italy

APHASIA “Beyond the Infinite Horizon” black metal/ Canada

ARKHAM "Chapter III, The Madness From the sea" MCD Lovecraftian Dark Black metal

AURIGA “Chains of despair” cold Black Metal, MCD/ Germany

BODYSNATCH “Universe of Gory tales” MCD Brutal Death metal/ Switzerland

BUTCHER ABC “Butchered at Birth Day” death grind MCD/ Japan

CEMMENT “Antithese” MCD industrial death metal/ Japan

CIRIBUS “Septic Regurgitant” excellent grind death/ USA

COMPOSTED “Sexual transmission: Simplex slam” MCD, slamming brutal death metal/ USA

DAMIEN “Juhiliah” MCD brutal death metal / Indonesia

DARK AMBITION “Crimson Temptation” MCD Melodic Black Metal/ Korea

DARK FOREST OF NORTH “Renad av kall fördömelse” MCD, grim melodic death black metal/ Sweden

DESORATOR “Signs Of Coma” brutal death metal/ Japan MCD

DETRIMENTUM "A Monument to the Suffering" MCD brutal death metal/ UK

DEVASTATOR “Infernal Devastation” MCD Pure Nihilistic Black Thrash Metal Attack/ USA (in slip case)

DIABOLICAL "Deserts of Desolation" death metal/ Sweden

DISASTER KFW "Darme fressen" Cool Grind / Core

DISMAL “The New bomb” modern industrial metal/ Portugal

DOMINATION BLACK “Haunting” MCD horror heavy metal/ Finland

EYETOFUK/ PUTRID WHORE Split MCD cyber grind/death grind

FORENSICK "Splattered innards" gore grind MCD/ Spain


HAILSTORM “Death, defiance, decadence” MCD, Symphonic Black Metal in the vein of early Emperor and Gehenna/ Germany

HELGRINDR “Von den Vorfahren herstammend Landen” MCD black metal/ Germany

HEXECUTION “Beyond All Evil” technical death metal/ USA

HORDE OF WORMS “Wormageddon” death grind/ Canada

HORRIFICIA/ RAPED BITCH Split MCD gore grind/ Brazil

HYSTERIA "Abysmal plains chaos" mix between C.
Corpse and In Flames/France

I WISH “Earth Is Dying” gothic metal with industrial touches/ France (single edition!)

IDIS ORLOG “Idis orlog” MCD, Pagan Folk Music from Northern Europe

IN LUPUS PACIS "Strength" black metal/ France (in slipcase)

INFESTUM “Infestum” raw black metal massacre/ Belarus

INTRORECTALGESTATION "Hooves Of Human Teeth" MCD, blasting death grind/ UK

KRIEG “The Church” MCD, black metal/ USA

MAGAN “Nathicana” black metal MCD /Mexico

MALEDICTION "Whirl Evoked by Prayers” death metal/ Hungary

MOONTOWER “To the Dark Aeon” MCD 4 new hymns of Antichrist’s black metal/ Poland

MORBID EXECUTION “Total Devotion” MCD - Old School black death

MORDANT “Suicide Slaughter” Swedish hordes of unleashing old-schooled black/death with touch of early Bathory, Venom!

MORS AETERNA “Behind the Majestic Mirror of Death” MCD, black metal/ Germany

MORTE “Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence” 4 tracks MCD of Italian Black Metal Necro Punks

MYDGARD “Decay of the Gods” fast & dark Black Metal/ Spain

NAZCA “Straight Hope Tissue” gothic metal / Finland

NEVERENDING “Neverending…” MCD, Hard Core/ Metal Core/ Sweden

NUCLEAR WINTER “Nuclear Winter” mid tempo death metal/ Greece

OBSKENE SONARE “Todnachten” MCD, black metal/ Austria

PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT “Necrosadistic defilement” MCD, guttural slamming death from USA

REDOX "Sharpened knives" Redox is one of the heavy-thrash veteran bands from Barcelona

REJECTED "Heat of the night" MCD, street punkrock/ Finland

REXOR “Nox Obscura Sortis” MCD, Black Metal/ Italy

SANATORIUM “Fetus Rape” MCD gore grind/ Slovakia

SANCTINOMOUS ORDER “And still the battle rage on…” MCD / Germany

SEELENGRIEF "Jenseits der schatten" black metal, MCD/ Germany

SHROUD "Chamber of suicide" MCD 25 min of raw cold BM with Primigenium member/ Spain

SITHLORD “Labyrinth to the Gods” black thrash metal/ Australia

SKEPTICISM “Aes” Doom Metal MCD/ Finland

SKEPTICISM “Ethere” MCD doom metal/ Finland

SKEPTICISM “The Process of Farmakon” MCD, doom metal/ Finland

SLAVERY “To sedate Agony” core angry metal/ France

SOCIAL DEFORMITY “Daltonism” MCD grind core/ Slovakia

SOULFORGE “Soul forge” melodic death metal/ Canada

SPETALSK “Perverted Commandment” MCD Satanic Black Metal in the Swedish tradition

SPINEGRINDER "A visual Symphony of Horror" death grind/ U.S.A.

STYGGELSE “Bland ändlösa fält av snusk och hor” MCD black metal/ Norway

STYXIAN INDUSTRIES “Salvation through Deterioration” personal vision of the way industrial black metal/ Netherlands

SYMAWRATH/ OMINOUS Split MCD Sympho black + black metal/ Spain

THE ENCHANTED "For Those Who Fall..." MCD pagan death metal/ UK

THE SEQUEL “Down to Earth” doom gothic/ Germany

TRAUMA “Solisarity” MCD, metalcore/ USA

TU CARNE / EL MUERMO SPLIT MCD goregrind vs. grindgore/ Spain

VIKING CROWN “Unorthodox steps of Ritual” primitive raw black metal, project of F. Anselmo! / USA

VINTERRIKET “Zwischen den Jahren” MCD in 7'' sized foldout cover, Atmospheric Black Metal/ Germany

VOICE OF HATE "Gods of Hell and Earth" Death grind, violence and sick extreme music/ Spain

WASTEFORM "Designed By Disgust" MCD, Brutal death metal/ Grindcore/ USA

WOLFEN SOCIETY “Conquer Divine” MCD superb band with members of Dark Funeral, Acheron, Incantation! Death metal!

WRETCHED “Black Ambience” MCD, doom metal/ USA

ZODIAX “Zodiax” MCD, Modern Industrial Metal, Feat. Stephane Picard from OBLIVEON and Rick Hughes from SWORD

Digi MCD CELEBRANT "The unpardonable sin" 6 new songs of death black metal from Belgium

Digi MCD EIBON "Eibon" Doom sludge metal/ France

Digi MCD EN VELOURS NOIR "Else" Gothic Dark, Solo project from Luigi Mennella (FURVUS, ATER)

Digi MCD IRIJ “Irij” MCD, Folk music (Eluveitie-member!)/ Croatia

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Part III:

Compilation CD's:

V/ A CD TOGETHER AS ONE “The Grimoire of exalted deeds compilation Vol. 4”


V/A CD BLACK TEARS OF DEATH The Compilation CD-ROM black

V/A CD BLOOD COMPILATION Vol. 3 Balphegor, Daemonlord, Engorged, etc… black and death metal bands

V/A CD BLOOD COMPILATION Vol.2, CD-R with black metal bands from Spain.

V/A CD CONTAINS NO HOLY ADDITIVES compilation of British metal bands

V/A CD CORONAH compilation CD - Forest Stream, Somnolence, Necrost, Nord Dream, etc. 13 only Russian extreme metal bands on one CD!


V/A CD DESTROYING THE WORLD ONE BAND AT A TIME (Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Krabathor, Maskim, Ens Cogitans, Mortuary Oath, Grond...)

V/A CD DESTRUCTION OF THE HEAVENLY REALMS CD compilation of Death Gasm Records, death and black metal

V/A CD DRAGONCLAWS Vol. 1 death, doom, heavy metal bands from Germany (Graveworm, Violation, Wizard, Morifade, Mystic Circle…)

V/A CD EVIL WARIORS OF SOUTHERN LANDS - black metal hordes from Brazil (BRA)

V/A CD HYMNS OF THE UNDERGROUND (Loonatikk, Endart, Night in Gales, Bonehouse....)

V/A CD IKONS The Compilation compilation of Bands from Arctic Serenades Records.

V/A CD MANIFEST(O) An Infernal Racket Sampler – alternative metal bands from worldwide



V/A CD METAL KNIGHTS Compilation – CD with Brazilian metal bands.


V/A CD METALBOLICAL-CD COMPILATION VOL 1- label's CD comp. with black/death metal bands from around the world! 14 tracks!

V/A CD MEXICAN GORE MAFIA Mexican gore/grind compilation

V/A CD NAME YOUR DISPLEASURE compilation with doom, gothic, black and death metal bands from USA!

V/A CD NO DESOLATION FOR THE NAMELESS” DESOLATE Compilation CD with Mortal, Nemesis, Agathocles, Spinach etc….

V/A CD ONLY DEATH IS REAL Vol. 3 – Castigate, Dispatched, Legion of Sadism, etc….

V/A CD SCHIZOFRENIA compilation vol.3 death, thrash, black metal bands from Worldwide (ABADDON INCARNATE CANAAN, AMON, MALIGNANCY, NOMENMORTIS, etc)

V/A CD SCREAMS FROM ITALY Vol. 5, compilation CD of various black metal bands from Italy

V/A CD SO WHAT? - Tribute to Anti-Nowhere League with Vader, Benediction, Sodom and punk bands.

V/A CD SOUTHERN WARIORS CULT Vol. 2. Southern-American black metal bands!

V/A CD SOUTHERN WARRIORS CULT Vol. 1 Brazilian black metal hordes!!!

V/A CD SUSPIRIA DE PROFUNDIS compilation CD with more then 60 minutes of extreme Brazilian metal bands

V/A CD TEMNO II - This is compilation for Czech market above all. But you can have it. On the CD are 9 bands from Czech Republic (Pesticide, Parricide, Troodon, F.O.B., Agony, Mater Monstifera, Trais, Negative Face, Rhondian) One from Germany (Ancient Ceremony) and one from Russia (Festerguts)

V/A CD THE HELLISH ARTS OF PERVERSION compilation- various death/black/ doom metal bands from Europe!

V/A CD THE TRUE IDEAL -Decapitation, Mortalised, Evol, Sacred Blood, etc)

V/A CD TORTURED SOULS – Antagony, Beyond Serenity, Grindstorm, Infestation, Unhuman, and etc. death metal.

V/A CD TRIBUTE TO DEBUSTROL Debustrol are old thrash Czech metal legendary band and were founded in 1987. There are 15 Czech metal bands in this album, which played a tribute– for example Disfigured Corpse, Avenger, Tortharry, Ingrowing, Locomotive and so one.

V/A CD TRIBUTE TÖRR “Institut černého kovu” Tribute to the Czech metal band, which belongs to the founder of the Czech black metal scene. Fleshless, Melancholy Pessimism, Dissolving Of Prodigy, Pandemia, Interitus etc.

V/A CD UNDERGROUND SERIES Vol. 1 Compilation CD with grind death\ grind core bands from worldwide!

V/A CD ZAC ATACK compilation (in cartoon packet) PACAL, MANDRAGORE, OF DREAM AND DRAMA, ANSUE, POSTNECRUM grind death metal/ Mexico

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Part IV CD-r:

APRAXIA “Hymns Of Dark Forests” pagan black metal/ Belarus

AZARATH ""Destroy Yourself" death metal/ Poland

BEELZEBUL “The powerful essence…” black metal/ Colombia

BUTCHERED "New methods for the advanced sadism" death metal/ Sweden

CARNAL REDEMPTION "The Limit Of persistence" (CD-r edition) Death Metal/ Greece

CRITICAL DAMAGE “Destiny Rules” Pro- CD-r edition, thrash metal/ Italy

DAEMON Promo-1998 death

DARK MESSIAH “Immortal Battlefield” CD-R 8 tracks of Black Metal combining hate & misanthropy!!!/ Greece

DAVE SIXX “Pearls of Wisdom” Pro DVD – r, black metal/ Italy

DEMENXIA “Demencia Extrema” CD-r, Thrash / death metal from Bolivia

DIFAMATOR “Abdicate the Holy Canonization” black death/ Brazil

DISCREATE “Contingent development of inanimate modifications” Pro CD’r, Brutal Tech. Death Metal from the Philippines

DISEMBOWELED “Hyms of Massacre" Pro CD-r, Brutal Death Metal Germany

DISINTER “Laments of the unborn” death metal

DONNERGROLL "Das Donnerduett" Pro-CD-r, Raw Black Metal

FORESTDOME CD-r "Mourningrim" 5 cuts of raw black metal with cold melodies in the classic style/ Spain.

MACABRE DEMISE “Dead eyes” Pro CD-r, Brutal Death Grind from Bavaria

MACABRE DEMISE “Stench of death” Pro CD-r, Brutal one man death grind from Bavaria

ORPHALIS/ DEFORMED SOUL Split Pro CD-r, Brutal Death metal/ Mexico/ Germany

RAVENCULT “Despise the Blindfold” epic dark black metal/ Greece

SANGRENA "Blessed Black Spirit" Pro-CD-r, Brutal Death metal from Brazil

SCENT OF DEATH "Entangled in Hate" Brutal death grind (Self released) CDR

SHE'S GORE "Demo 2001" cd-r - cool gore death metal/ Thailand


SKOLL "Warriors of the Misty Fields" CD-r single edition- black metal/ Italy

SMASHED FACES “Invaze” death/thrash metal/ Czech

SOCIAL DEFORMITY "Grotesque Depravity" grind death from Russia.

SQUALBALKUS “Squalbalkus” Death/grind core. / U.S.A. CD-R

TEARS OF DECAY "Redemption" brutal death metal/ Germany CD-r

THE NOISE EXECUTION “Pedicabo ego vos irrumabo” Pro-CD-r, Brutal Death Goregrind from Kazakhstan

VINTERRIKE/ RIKKET great ambient stuff!!! Professional made booklets and cool CD-r with sticker!

Цена 100 рублей. При заказе одного - двух дисков всегда добавляйте 100 рублей на почтовые расходы! При заказе от 3х дисков цена уже включает в себя расходы на почту! Просто вышлите стоимость заказываемых позиций, без дополнительной доплаты!

Part V:


1917 "Inti Huacay” death metal, first album/ Argentina

1917 "Neo Ritual” death metal, new album/ Argentina

1917 “Genesis and Horror” melodic death metal/Argentina

1917 “Vision” Technical fast Death metal, new album/ Argentina

3RD "Highest Human Form” Maxi-MCD The best Italian Hyper Thrashing Impressive Modern death band!!!

A GRUESOME FIND The Fire That Burns In Hell black death metal/ USA

ABOMINANT "The way after" death metal/ USA

ABOMINANT "Ungodly" melodic but brutal death metal/ USA

ABOMINANT “Conquest” Melodic, dark death metal/ USA

ABOMINATTION "Doctrine of false martyr" ultra brutal death metal from Brazil, re-release with bonus tracks

ABRASIVE "Devotion" death metal/ Germany

ADOKHSINY / MAKAM “Hymn's for Sacrificed Souls” Symphonic Black metal vs. black metal/ Korea/ Indonesia

ADULTERY "Slovanska krev" twenty minutes of aggressive and fast black metal with folklore and traditional tunes/ Czech

ADULTERY “Age of Winter Kings” aggressive Black metal with many folklore melodies and traditional tunes/ Czech

ADVERSARY “Forsaken” death metal/ USA

AETHERES "Dark Wisdomds Domain" (with member of GONTYNA KRY) pagan dark metal/ Poland

AFFLICTION "Execution is necessary" best Melodic Death/Thrash Metal Band of Turkey have returned with their 2nd album

AFFLICTION “One Reality” Extreme Dark/Death Metal from Turkey

AGATHOCLES/ AMOCLEN “Split CD” Legend of grindcore (26 songs) versus Czech grindcore machine

AGHIATRIAS “Regions of Limen” dark ambient industrial/ Czech

AGMEN “Dethroned” melodic black metal/ Czech

AGMEN “Eternal” melodic black metal/ Czech

AGONY “Call of the Rain” melodic doom metal, new album 2003/ Czech

AHNENSTAHL “Zwischen Tod und Leben” Seven traks of amazing Epic Pagan Black Metal!/ Germany

ALGOR "Uder pohanskeho hnevu" debut... fast & raw BM in the underground vein with Darkthrone influences/ Slovenia

ALTAR THE SKY “Plight Of The Vomit Eagle” death metal with black metal elements/ USA

ALTORIU SESELIAL "Margi sakalai” Pagan metal/ Hungary

ANAL VOMIT "Gathering of the putrid Demons" Black/Death Metal/ Peru

ANARCHUS “Still Alive… And still too drunk” grind crust metal/ Mexico

ANATOMY “The witches of Dathomir” Black metal/ Australia

ANATOMY “Twisting depths of Horror” re-presses of two first demos of black metal band from Australia


ANCIENT GODS “Mystic Lands” melodic death black metal MCD / USA

ANCIENTBLOOD "The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness" MCD, black metal/ Brazil

ANGEL’S DECAY “Odiumspace” pro-done CD-r and booklet, brutal death metal/ Czech

ANIMAL HATE "Bells Of Acheron" Ten track of death metal inferno with small touch of black. Old school but brutal and fast.

ANIMUS “Poems for Aching, Swords for the Infuriated” depressive black metal/ Israel

ANNIMALS KILLING PEOPLE “Human Hunting Season” brutal death metal/ goregrind/ USA

ANOXIA “Intense Killings” brutal death metal/ USA

ANTHROPOFAGUS “Alive is Good, Dead is better” MCD gore grind opus from Italy

ANTIQUA “In Red Nights” doom gothic/ Mexico

APHELION / DISMAL Split CD old school death metal from Germany

ARALLU "Satanic War In Jerusalem" Raw black metal / Israel

ARATHYR "Curse Man’s Blame” incredible mixture of modern Black and Death metal/ Poland

ARCHAEAN HARMONY "Nihility Mundane Soul" symphonic black metal/ Malta

ARCHAIC WINTER "The Psychology of Death" blasting death metal similar to BANISHED OR BLOODBATH/ USA

ARGON/ DAMOKIS split CD grind core/ Malaysia (in special cartoon package)

ARSENIC “Seeds of Darkness” old school death black metal/ USA

ARTES NEGRAS “Let There Be Death” fast black metal/ Argentina

AS IT BURNS “Mortal Dusk” Melodic Black /Death Metal/ Holland

ASGARD “Cold Season” Black metal similar to older CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR/ Canada

ASGARD “Kletba Krale Stacha” Melodic, guitar Black Metal in CZ language with special guest Big Boss (Root)/ Czech

ASKUROR / VARGSHELSKE “Kirchenbrand” Askuror sound like Graveland, Vargshelske plays north Black Metal/ Germany

AURORA BOREALIS “Mansions Of Eternity” MCD, black death metal/ USA

AURORA BOREALIS “Relinquish” 2006, black death metal/ USA

AVE SATHANAS “Religion of Pity” grim death black metal/ Norway

AVENGER “Feast of Anger, Joy of Despair” New masterpiece of darkest and oldest Black/ death metal/ Czech

AVENGER “Live At Open Hell Fest 2003” Crushing black / death metal/ Czech

AVULSION “Indoctrination Into The Cult of Death” Long-awaited 2nd CD of grind death band/ USA

AXON “Leper viper” 9 hymns of Brutal Death Metal ala Morbid Angel/ Mexico

BAAL "State of Aggression" melodic death metal/ Mexico

BAALBERITH (Australia) “Drightensland”/ BLODARV (Denmark) "Mysteriis” black metal

BELZABET “Before Night Fall” great symphonic black/ Mexico

BESTIAL DEVASTATION / OBSCENE split CD brutal death/ grind from Italy vs brutal death from Sweden

BIZARE EMBALMING “Necrosadistic Surgery” gore grind/ Czech

BLACK OMEN “When Pure Darkness Covers False World of Light” Melodic Black Metal/ Turkey

BLACK STORM “As Black as Candles Burn” melodic black metal/ USA

BLACK THE SKY “Simplistic Mechanics of Deformable Bodies” death metal/ USA

BLACK WINTER/ MOONTOWER Split CD Grim Black Metal/ Germany/ Poland

BLOOD AND SICKNESS GRIND GORE COMPILATION - 6 WAY CD with Tumour, Vomit Sex, M.D.K., C.V.I., Total Penuria, Kadaverficker - very gory stuff!

BLOOD ON WEDDING DRESS/VISCERA/SMERSH/DEVASTATHOR/SCARCE/ENGORGED VAGINAL ABYSS 6-way split, grind core from 6 bands from different parts of world

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Let the war begin” horror heavy metal in the vein of DEATH SS...PAGAN ALTAR.../ Italy

BLOOD VOMIT “Up from the Grave” gore grind/ USA

BLOODAXE "Raping the Ancient" Raw viking black metal/ Canada

BLOODFEST “J Kong Skjolds Navn” death metal/ Denmark

BLUE HOLOCAUST “Twitch of the Death Nerve” gore grind/ France

BOKRUG “El Matamuertos” Grind Death Metal/ Argentina


BORN HEADLESS “Headless Henchmen” Brutal Death Metal/ Australia

BRAINDAMAGE “Collapse” progressivethrash metal/ Italy

BROKEN EDGE "Nofamenonamenoshame" modern thrash metal/ France

BRUME D’AUTOMNE "Fiers et Victorieux" cold northern black metal with some folk elements from Quebec/ Canada

BRUTAL FEAR “Fatallurgical” thrash death/ Indonesia

BUGS B GONE "Act of Rage” death metal

BURNING HATE “This is the end of our days” hate core/ Germany

CACODAEMON “Tales Of Demoncy” Old School Death Metal/ Finland

CALVARY "Across the river of Life" death metal/ Italy

CANGRENA “Demoniak Transition” death metal/ Mexico

CARCHAROTH "Desolated Battlefields" Raw Pagan Black Metal/ Spain

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA “Space Symphony around Us” Perfect agressive and fast grinfcore from Czech Republic

CARNIVOROUS VAGINA “Istinto Omicida” 18 tracks of fucking mega-brutal Death/Grind from Italy!!

CASCETGARDEN “This Corroded Soul Of Mine” melodic death metal / Hungary

CASTRUM "Mysterious Yet Unwearied" Death Metal, second album! / Ukraine

CAULDRON BLACK RAM "Skulduggery" old school death black metal/ Australia

CENOTAPH “Rise of Excruciation” death metal/ Mexico

CERBERUS “Chapters of Blackness” raw black metal, new album! / Germany

CEREBRAL TURBULENCY “As Gravy” re-press of debut album, grinding death metal from Czech

CEREBRAL TURBULENCY “Impenetrable” cyber gore grind/ Czech

CHAOS CONSPIRACY "Out of Place" Experimental Crossover/ Post Hard Core/ Italy

CHARNEL VALLEY “The Igneous Race” Black Metal, also incorporates a slight trace of early Finnish Death Metal

CHOPCORE "Bloody Little Mess" Extreme Aggressive mix of HC and death metal from Philadelphia / USA

CLITORTURE / GOREALITY split CD Old School Brutal Death/ USA

COMA VOID “Stormking Twilight” devastating death / USA

COSMIC ATROPHY “Codex incubo” death metal/ USA

CROMLECH “Reconciousness” death metal/ USA

CROMWELL “Advent of End” death thrash metal/ Spain

CROPMENT "Spiral Of Violence" brutal death metal/ Swiss

CRUENTION “Promo CD”98” death/ black/ France

CRYPTIC “Once holy Realm” black death metal/ USA

CUMBEAST "Gourment of Ill shit" Brutal death metal/ Finland

DAEMONHEIM “Schlachtfeld” black metal / Germany

DAEMONLORD/ LUX FERRE/ MALLEUS/ MORTINATUM "Acerbus Mortis" 4 way CD, black metal from Spain & Portugal

DAGOR “Black Clouds” black metal/ Germany

DARK LEGIONS “Satanic Destroyer” thrash black in veins of VENOM, CELTIC FROST, KREATOR/ Sweden

DARK STORY “Profano” ambient music

DARKSIDE “Shadowfields” death metal/ Austria

DAWNFALL “Drei Raume" necro and avant-garde black metal/ Germany

DEAD FOR DAYS “Disassociated from Reality” Brutal death metal/ USA

DEAD HEAD “Kill Division" thrash metal/ Holland

DEAD MEAT “Stench of Rotten Years” brutal death metal, Compilation of best songs/ Portugal

DEATHGUY “Concentrate the Annihilation” technical brutal death metal / Singapore

DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER “War Blood Massacre” old school death metal/ Finland

DEBAUCHERY “Dead Scream Symphony” great black metal MCD

DEFACER “Nocturnal Mysteries” black metal/ Brazil

DEFLORACE “11 Murders” 11 songs about serial killers – brutal Death Metal! / Czech

DEFLORATION / STRANGLED Split CD death grind / Germany/ Spain

DELIRIUM “Remember” doom metal/ Mexico

DELUGE “Diluvial Sorcery” symphonic black death metal, new album/ Australia

DEMIURG “Unholy war - sword of rebellion” Polish black metal/ Poland

DEMON REALM “Legend Of Power” Old-school Black Metal/ Denmark

DEMONTHOR "A Night for the Demon" raw black metal/ Brazil

DEPRESSION “Legions of the Sick” Progressive Metal/ Greece

DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY “”Inspiration” Brutal Death metal/ Hungary


DESECRATED DREAMS “Feelings of Guilt’s” orchestral death dark metal/ Czech

DIACHRONIA "XX's Decline" black ethereal metal/ Poland

DIE YOU “Antagonist” Brutal Death Metal

DIFER NOM BASTA “Bloagen” brutal death metal/ Mexico

DISMAL “The New bomb” modern industrial metal/ Portugal

DISPLACED PERSON “Hurry up and appear outside” MCD grind crust core/ Japan

DIVINE RAPTURE “Divine Rapture” death metal/ USA

DOMAIN/ DEMONIZED "Hellbirth” split CD death grind/ Mexico

DOOMSTONE “Without Prayer” raw black death metal / Brazil

DOWNFALL "Meine Selbstzerstorung" ambient gothic music/ Spain

Dr MERLIN “Enchant” Pagan song/ France

Dr MERLIN “Soleil de Pierre” Pagan song/ France

DRAUPNIR “In culpa Versari” German Death Metal

DREAM STEEL “You” hard' n' heavy metal/ Italy

DREAM WEAVER "Fantasy Revealed" power heavy metal/ Greece


DROWNED IN BLOOD "The warfare continues” Extreme brutal Death. Great Production/ Mexico

DYING PASSION "Voyage" 2nd album of female fronted gothic doom with flute player / Czech

DYSANCHELLY “Secrets Of The Sun” melodic death metal/ Czech

DYSMORFIC “Suffer and Die” death/grind from Italy

EERIE “Hollow Stare” full-length debut of Bulgaria’s mystic Death Metallers/ Bulgaria

EL SANTO "Methamorphosis" Third release of brutal death Mexican band/ Mexico

ELBOW DROP “I love tupa-tupa GxCx” Grindcore in vein of Birdflesh/ Colombia

EMANCER "The Menace Within" The 4th studio album from Norway's rising masters of modern black metal/ Norway

EMBRACING “Dreams left behind” melodic death/ Sweden

EN LAS ESPESAS NIEBLAS "De Memorias y destinos” depressive death doom metal in veins of early ANATHEMA'S/ Peru

ENGORGE “Dead ... Fuck ... Blackness” Death/black metal/ USA

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT "Caught in the Unlight' death black/ USA

ETERNAL “Abismo de Suenos” dark death metal/ Mexico

EVIL DIVINE “dawn before the dawn” extreme metal/ USA

EVIL ENTOURAGE "Dominion" death metal/ Mexico

EVOKE "Dreaming the reality" death metal/ England

EWIGES REICH “Zeit des Erwachens” black metal/ Germany

EXILE “Exile is Eternal” Black Metal/ Turkey


EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH “The End” serious and intense BRUTAL DEATH METAL band from Colombia

F.O.B. "Follow The Instructions" Technical and brutal death metal from Czech Republic

F.O.B. “Default” Brutal death metal from Czech Republic

FAERGHAIL “Horizon's Fall” Finnish melodic black/ Finland

FALCHION “Legacy Of Heatrhens” fantasy pagan black metal/ Finland

FANGORN "Non-Rhapsodian” death

FATA MORGANA "Hroby se otviraji…” / Czech

FATAL PORTRAIT “An Elusive Instinct of Lascivia” Black metal/ Spain

FATIMA HILL “Aion “heavy metal/ Japan

FAUSTRECHT "Demo-Niaks" Expressionist Black Metal/ France

FEEBLE MINDED “Pernicious Intergrowth” Aggressive mixture of brutal technical death metal with grind core/ Czech

FERMENTO "Insignia" Misanthropic death metal / Spain

FIRSTBORN EVIL “Rebirth of Evil” black metal/ Portugal

FOETICIDE ‘War Domain and Torment” melodic death metal /Mexico

FOLKVANG “Atmospheric Black” folk/ black metal/ Belarus

FONY "Routine-irregular" alternative NU metal/ UK

FORENSICK "Splattered innards" gore grind MCD/ Spain

FOREST OF IMPALED “Demonvoid” black metal/ USA

FOREVER EMBRACED "Promo 99” MCD medieval atmospheric black gothic/ Italy

FORSAKEN "Anima Mundi" The veterans of doom metal return! Powerful, majestic, epic and extremely heavy! /Malta

FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDS “Defy” ultra blasting death grind from Czech, new album!

FROM BEYOND “Endtime” Primordial tenebrous doom/death from Czech Republic! Slow guitar riffs with brutal growling

FROM THE ASHES “Mind Vortex” grind core like Regurgitate or Nasum/ Sweden

FUNERAL RITES “Necroeater” thrash black/ Japan

FUNGUS INC “Rott & Roll” Death Metal, guest vocals by Martin Van Drunen

GENOCIDE "The rites" heavy metal/ Japan

GHOULUNATICS "Mystrallengine" death metal/Canada

GOAT HORNS/ THE TRUE ENDLESS black metal split/ Italy

GODDES OF DESIRE "Conquerors divine" heavy black'n'roll/ Germany

GODUS "Hell Fuck Demon Sound" Black metal in the old vein of Judas Iscariot, Isvind, Darkthrone.../ Spain

GOLD FUR EISEN “Kein Morgen” Death/ thrash/ black/ oi metal/ Germany

GOMORRHA “Sexual Perversity by Autopsy” brutal gore death metal/ Germany

GOREALITY “Perverse Inhuman Indifference” brutal death grind/ USA

GOREFUCK "Lust for Torture" gore grind from Italy

GORETORTURE “Promised to kill you last… I lied” Brutal & gory Finnish death metal in vein of MALIGNANCY

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "The Satanists dream" death black metal/ Italy

GRABNEBELFURSTEN “Dynastie...oder wie man Herrschaft definiert” Avant-garde Black Metal/ Germany

GRABNELBELFURSTEN "Von Schemen und Trugbildern" black metal/ Germany

GRABNELBELFURSTEN "Von Schemen und Trugbildern" black metal/ Germany

GRIM FORCE "Circulation of conclusion" thrash death metal maniacs/ Japan

GRIMORIA / IRAVEN spit CD black metal/ Italy

GRIND WAR FINLAND - Irritate- Murder Company - Drunk Junkees – Emulgator grind bands from Finland

GROG “Gastric hymns mummified in purulency” grind/death metal, Compilation of best songs/ Portugal

GROM/ WULFGRAVF “Fullmoon warfare” Vinlandic Elite Black Metal/ USA

GROMM "Счастье - это когда тебя нет..." Grim Cold Black Metal/ Ukraine

GROMM/ ENDLESS BLIZZARD split CD Grim Cold Black Metal/ Ukraine/ USA

GROZA “Geçmisin Kasvetli Izleri” second opus, 12 Dark Metal Songs in Turkish Lyrics
HARVIST “A Gleam in the night” black metal/USA

HARZA “War” battle black metal/ Russia

HASTUR “Hastur” Death/black/industrial /Italy

HATE BEYOND “Perpetual Pain” powerful death thrash from Japan

HECATE "Oppressed by Sorrow" Slovak atmospheric doom metal with influences heavy metal and gothic

HECATOMB “De composed in Hecatomb” Crossover death metal/ Turkey

HEIDEN "Obsidian" 4th dark opus, organic mixture of Black / Doom and Rock discover melancholic and decadent mood/ Czech

HEIDEN "Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku" fast Pagan Black Metal ala Trollech with great heathen atmosphere/ Czech

HEIDEN "Tinne" melodic pagan black metal/ Czech

HELL ON EARTH/ HILL OF THE DEAD death metal split/ USA

HERMAPHRODIT “Obraben a mnohonasobne…” Czech grind core cult

HIDDEN “Spectral Magnitude” black metal/ USA



HOLY SHIT B.S.E. “Fetish Coprological Trauma” grind death metal / Columbia

HORN OF VALERE “Blood of the Heathen Ancients” US black metal/ USA

HORNCROWNED “The Rise of Satan’s Artillery” fast black metal in vein of Marduk/ Colombia

HOTH “Rites of the black goddess” black death metal/ Portugal

HYPNOSIS “Cyber Death” Modern extreme metal/ France

IMBRUE “Hybris” death grind in Deeds of Flesh vein/ Spain

IMMEMORIAL “Monologue” black death metal/ Sweden

IMMORTAL “Inferno Mexicano” bootlegs live album, black metal/ Norway

IMMORTAL REMAINS “Everlasting Night” black metal/ Germany

IN SPITE “Land of the steel cage” Melodic Death Metal/ Turkey


INFECTS HUMANITY “Seven” death/doom metal/ Brazil

INFER “Anti – Human” second album this horde, extreme fast anti-human death black metal with powerful melodies/ Slovakia

INFERNAL "The Infernal Compendium" great infernal black metal, re-press of previous 2 albums on one CD / Colombia

INFERNAL / EXELSUS DIABOLI Split CD Old school black metal

INFERNAL “Whipping the sacred Law” black metal/ Colombia

INFERNAL DREAMS "And I dream" dark metal/ Portugal

INFERNAL LEGION “Sculptured humans” devastating furious black thrash attack

INFERUS “Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light” debut CD of satanic black metal/ Brazil

INFESTUM “Infestum” MCD raw black metal massacre/ Belarus

INFINITE HATRED”Hateful Spell” Hatefull Raw Black metal from Korean Hell

INNER WAR “The Profane Vulgar” death metal/ USA

INTERFECTOR “The Force Within” Great mixture of black, folk and thrash metal/ Bosnia

INTO THE GORE "Pain Must Be Amplified" extreme death grind metal/ USA

ISKON "Dok Gnev proslosti Navire" dark black metal/ Serbia

ISKON "Tisina usnulih vekova" Raging Slavonic black metal with deep atmosphere and genuine spirit/ Serbia

ISKON “Gde krug večni svoj beskraj nudi” brand new album, Slavonic pagan black metal/ Serbia

ISOLATION “Isolation” black metal/ Germany

JUNGLE ROT “Darkness Foretold” death metal from USA

KABAK "Chronickles from the Quirofane" GORE/GRIND, PLUS BONUS "MALA PRAXIS"

KAZAMATE “Una Societa Di Mostri” stoner rock/ Italy

KEMET “Dying with elegance” gothic dark metal/ France

KHERT-NETER "Arrival of the funeral dogs" Sweden death metal/Sweden

KIRCHENBRANDT “Abgründe”Raw hatefull morbid Black Metal from Austria with german lyrics, Thy Nemesis Members!

KLABAUTAMANN "Der Ort" atmospheric pagan / Black Metal a la old Ulver or Bergthron/ Germany

KLUDDE/ WANHOOP black metal split CD from 2 Belgian bands!

KOZELJNIK “Sigil Rust” pure Satanic black metal from Serbia

KRABATHOR "Unfortunately Dead' death metal/Czech .

KRALJEVSKI APARTMAN “Rocker” One of the best hard rock/ heavy metal bands from Eastern Europe/ Serbia

KRIEGRE WOLF “The ancient culture to Kill” Death metal/ Italy

KURU “Epidemic” Fast brutal death metal for fans of Krisiun

LACRIMAE "COURSE TO ARSONING" avantgarde black metal/ Mexico

LASCOWIEC “Asgard mysteries” First two demos plus bonus tracks, black metal/ USA

LEASH LAW "Dogface" Heavy metal/ USA

LEGACY OF HATE “The Killing” death metal/ Austria

LESS THAN HUMAN "To Breed true" modern areas thrash metal/ Greece

LEVAL BLESSINGS “Leval Blessings” 10 tracks of brutality those are comparable to Dying Fetus/ USA

LILITH “The Conquering of Eternal Wisdom” dark black metal/ Mexico

LONG VOYAGE BACK "Long Voyage II" dark metal/ Australia

LUFTWAFFE RAID "Paradox" fast black war metal/ USA

LUNA MARTYR “The unseen, the eternal” melodic dark metal with some doom metal parts /Portugal

LUNATIC GODS "Inhuman and Insensible" avant-garde mix of death - doom - black metal/ Slovakia

LUNATIC GODS "Mythus" The fourth album. Death black metal meets gypsy cymballon band. 2 video clips/ Slovakia

LUNATIC GODS "Sitting by The Fire" Re-release of the second album of Slovak death art metal freaks

LUST (can) / ANAEL (ger) split CD black metal

MACABRE OMEN “The Ancient Returns” Epic black metal in the vein of old ROTTING CHRIST / VARATHRON/ Greece

MAGAN “Nathicana” black metal MCD /Mexico

MAGOG “Unholy German Black Metal” Re-Release from first CD including bonus songs. Pure German Black Metal

MAGWI “Magwi” brutal death metal/ Korea

MAGWI “The Bud of….” Brutal Death metal/ Korea

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL “Temple of Guilt” Doom/ Death metal/ Mexico

MALEDICTION "Whirl Evoked by Prayers” death metal/ Hungary

MALEVOLENCE “Martyrialized” powerful death metal/Portugal

MALICIA "Malicia" heavy metal/ Argentina

MANIPULATED SLAVES "Burst into blue flame" thrash death/ Japan

MANIPULATED SLAVES “The Legendary Black Jade” thrash death/ Japan

MAPLE CROSS “Next Chapter” Finnish melodic death thrash/ Finland

MARTYR “To Confirm When Destruction Comes” Black Metal from the lowlands of Holland.

MARTYRYUM “WITHERING IN VOLUPTOUS EMBRANCE” 8 hymns of sympho and vampiric black metal/ Malta

MASS OBLITERATION “Detestation” Blasphemous black death metal with a very heavy sound/ Germany

MASTER "Lets start a War!" cult death machine! New album/ USA

MAY RESULT “U slavu rogova nasih” Great Slavonic pagan black metal with keys. Featuring THE STONE members/ Serbia

MEDICINE DEATH “As a Vigorous and Lustful Figure” doom death/ Brazil

MEDIUM "Blinder” death dark metal/ Mexico

MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM “Dream killers” Czech brutal death grind masters (since 1992) are back with their fifth album.

MERCYLESS “Sure to be Pure” death angry metal/ Sweden

MERESSIN "The Baphomet's Call" old school black metal/ Lithuania

MICTLAN "Mictlan" Aztec dark metal/ Mexico

MIND PROPAGANDA/ ISMARK split CD – black metal/ Ukraine/ Germany

MINHYRIATH "Gondolyn" Helvetian Pagan/Folk Metal for all fans of Eluveitie/ Switzerland

MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST "Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing" epic Finnish black metal/ Finland

MISERY INC “Random End” melodic thrash metal/ Finland

MISTERIA "Masquerade Of Shadows" death black metal/ Poland

MISTWEAVER "Age Of Darkness" A superb progressive death/doom metal with medieval touches/ Spain

MITHRAS "Forever…Advancing Legions" Brutal death metal/ UK

MITTERNACHT “The Raise of the secret cities” Symphonic Dark Ambient / Argentina

MIXOMATOSIS “Neurofiroma Mixoide” Spain’s cult grind core is back, best sound ever/ Spain

MIXOMATOSIS “RECUENTO DE CADAVERES” Legendary band into the splatter gore grind/ Spain

MIXOMATOSIS “Si Pots, Conserva El Teu Cap” dirty gore grind/ Spain

MOLOCH "Traurer" Black Metal/ Ambient/ Ukraine

MOLOCH “Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees” CD incl. video clip, Depressive Black metal ambient/ Ukraine

MOLOCH “Misanthropie...” Black Metal/ Ambient/ Ukraine

MONONOFU "Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle" MCD, 26 minutes of Death / Black / Thrash Metal/ Japan

MOONTOWER “To the Dark Aeon” MCD 4 new hymns of Antichrist’s black metal/ Poland

MORBID EXECUTION “Total Devotion” MCD - Old School black death/ USA

MORDANT “Suicide Slaughter” Swedish hordes of unleashing old-schooled black/death with touch of early Bathory, Venom!

MORDETH “Animicide" Denmark death

MORIBUND OBLIVION “Machine Brain” Black metal from Turkey

MORPHEUS “Ouroboros” ambient

MORRIGU "...Blood shall be Spilled..." Death black metal / Belgium

MORS IN TABULA “Blemish” Industrial Black Death Metal/ Greece

MORTAL WISH “Abracando A Escuridao” black metal/ Brazil

MORTAL WISH “Occulum” black metal/ Brazil

MORTEM “Demon Tales” old school death black/ Peru

MORTUARI I.O.D. "Distorted Massacre: Fear the madness" death thrash metal/Holland

MOTORSAGENSERVICE "Crashtest Popstars" /GERMANY/ old school grind!

MY SHAMEFUL “Descent” depressive doom metal/ Finland

MYDGARD “Decay of the Gods” fast & dark Black Metal/ Spain

MYSTIFATE “Embracing the Death” melodic death metal/ Colombia

NARCOTIC GREED "Twicet of fate" thrash metal/ Japan

NAZGUL “Awaiting The Battle Ravens” black metal/ Spain

NEFASTO “Tierra Sin Memoria” heavy metal/ Argentina

NEGLECTED FIELDS “Synthinity” melodic death metal/ Latvia

NEVALOTH “La Diabolica Commedia” Atmospheric black metal with mystic keyboards from Slovakia

NOCTA "Wicked Woman" Heavy metal/ Greece

NOCTURNAL DEVOTION “Virus…” death metal / Slovakia

NOCTURNAL FEELINGS “Nocturnal Attack” fast black metal/ Colombia

NOMENMORTIS “The day you’ll loose your head” new album of brutal death maniacs / Czech

NORDMEN “Vertus Guerrieres” black metal/ Canada

NORMAN BATES Shareware Version Brazil heavy

NUCLEAR WINTER “Nuclear Winter” mid tempo death metal/ Greece

NUN SLAUGHTER “Devil Metal” death metal – live/ USA

OBITANIA “Pagan Crystal Sphere” ritual ambient soundcsapes! / Spain

OBJEKT 4 “Extermination Processing Tower” Second album from this unique dark ambient project/ Sweden

OBLOMOV “Wishing the Renaissance” / Czech

OBSCENE EULOGY “A Portal into Fire” dominant Black / Death Metal/ Canada


OBSCURE INFINITY “”Down of Winter” Pure Death metal/ Germany

OBSECRATION "Sins of the Flesh" death metal /Greece

OBSKURE “Overcastting” doom death metal/ Brazil

OCCISOR La Edad dei Fierro death

ODAR “Zavjet Dalekom Snu - Oath to the Old Dream” old school black metal from Bosnia in the vein of Burzum, Immortal

OGMIAS "Keltsky Hnev" War Black Metal / Czech

OLIVER VON HAUPTKAMPFLINIE “Elf Völkische Balladen” Ballads/RAC/ Germany

OMNIUM GATHERUM “Rectifying Human Rejection” grind core / Australia

ONE STEP BEYOND "Beyond good and evil" unique version of extreme death grind rock/ Australia

OPHIOLATRY / INFERNAL DOMINION Split CD Excellent death metal from Brazil

ORTHANC “7 ans de relexion” MCD Nationalist Black metal/ France

ORUJHUK “Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy” with Infinite Hatred Members. Hellish Raw Black metal from Korea!

OSSUARY “Black Winds of Conspiracy” death metal in South American style/ Colombia

PAGAN SPIRIT “The Latent Doctrine" Fast, uncompromising black metal as Limbonic Art from Slovakia

PAINSTRUCK "Aggressive ways to Pacify" death angry metal, like Sepultura “Roots”/ Portugal

PANDEMIA “Spreading the message” fast death metal/ Czech


PARKINSON/ DOSA Split CD (in slip case) grind core/ Malaysia

PAROXYSM “Scars of the art” Brutal groovy extreme Death Metal

PATHOLOGY "Incisions of Perverse Debauchery” Grind Death Metal from CA/ USA

PATHOLOGY “Age of Onset” Brutal Blasting Grind Death Metal from USA

PESSIMIST “Blood for the Gods” brutal death/ USA

PHANTASMA "Jahve" The third album of Slovak Satanic MORBID ANGEL school death metal

POLYMORPH “Innocent Suffering” old school brutal Death Metal ala early Dismember meets Morbid Angel/ Germany

POPPY SEED GRINDER “Oppressed Reality” death grind metal, new album/ Czech

PORNO COMA “Ambassadors of Embarrassment” angry grind hard core

PRESSURE POINTS “Remorses to Remember” progressive death metal/ Finland

PROHIBITORY “In Death we trust” death metal/ Mexico

PROLETAR “Back to Hatevolution” grindcore/ Indonesia


PSYCHOFAGIST “Psychofagist” unstable grind core/ USA

PSYCHOPARADOX “Reapeiron” melodic death dark metal/ Yugoslavia

PUREST “Renascence” black metal from Germany

PUSTULATED “Haemotoma” grind death/ Colombia

QUIET FLOWER "DNR" MCD, Majestic Death'n'Roll with Swedish rough touches + very aggressive vocals/ Italy

RA "Genju Pustju" Dark ambient from Vlad/ Agathodaimon/ Romania

RAIDEN “A killing Fist” death metal/ England MCD

RAZOR RAPE “Unleashing the She males of Vengeance” with member of DERANGED, gory Brutal Death metal/ Sweden

REACTION ECSTASY TRANCE “In Love with Blood” Doom gothic metal. / Czech

REAL XPDC “Konsert Live” heavy metal/ Malaysia

REALM OF CARNIVORA “Verised Revlad” Estonian Black Metal, debut CD/ Estonia

REBELL “Schwarzer Adler” Folk Ballads/ Germany

RECIDIVUS /ANTHROPOPHAGICAL WARFARE Split-CD Brazilian Brutal Death Metal Attack!

REMMIRATH “Polis Rouge” Black Metal with many elements from outside varying from Folk to Jazz

REQUIEM AETERNAM “Philosopher” Black Death Metal, new album/ USA

RESURRECTURIS “The cuckoo clocks of hell" original death metal from Italy

RETALIATION "The Execution" brutal death metal/ Sweden MCD

REVERIE “Isolation” depressive black/death metal with acoustic passages/ USA

REX SATANACHIA “First Legion of Hell” High class storm blasting Black Metal from Denmark!

RISING MOON “Area 51” thrash death/ Italy

ROOTS OF ROT “Hated Flesh” Brutal death metal/ Mexico

RSJ “Reflection in b-minor” death core/ UK

SACROSANCTUM “Fragments” gothic doom metal/ Slovakia

SADISTIC MUTILATION “Psychopath's aberrations” brutal death metal in the vein of Fleshless/ Colombia

SANCTIMONY “Eternal Suffering” Death metal/ Latvia

SARATAN “The Cult of Vermin” thrash metal/ Poland

SARCOMA "Godless Land" brutal death metal/ Mexico

SATOR MARTE “Termonuklearni Evoluce” black metal from Czech

SAXORIOR "Saxot" black metal/ Germany

SCAR "Antiphon de Entrada" doom metal/ Mexico

SCHMERZ “Chronika” black metal/ Germany

SEEDS OF SORROW “Immortal Junkies” technical death metal/ Austria

SEEKING OBSCURE “Seeking obscure” aggressive mix of thrash, black and death metal/ USA

SEPTRION “Perpetual frost” Cold Black Metal/ Mexico

SERENADES “Ionia” mix of gothic wave and dark metal/ Italy

SEVERE STORM "Severe Storm" NS black metal/ Poland

SHADOW BREED “Only Shadows Remain” death metal/ Belgium

SHADOWS FX “Shadows Fx” melodic death metal/ Brazil

SHIFT INC “Incorporated” industrial death core/ Germany

SHROUD "Chamber of suicide" MCD 25 min of raw cold BM with Primigenium member/ Spain

SINOATH “Forged in Blood” doom black metal, re-press of demo stuff/ Italy

SITHLORD “Labyrinth to the Gods” black thrash metal/ Australia

SKOLL “11Years of Mist” pure Heathen Black Metal in the vein of Bathory/ Italy

SKULL COLLECTOR “Home of the Grave” brutal death metal/ Belgium

SLAMFIST "Skullmasher" death metal/ Holland

SLAUGHTER THOU “Lest we forget” death metal/ Australia

SLAVEARC “Structural Damage in the blueprint of Humanity” grind core/ UK

SLEEPLESS "Winds blow higher" dark sympho gothic metal / Israel

SLEIPNIR “Ein Teil von mir” Acoustic/Patriotic Ballade

SLOW AGONY “Crumbling Empires” death dark metal / Paraguay

SMASHED FACE “Human: Earth Parasite” brutal death metal from Czech republic

SMIRNOFF "The voice of your lord" death grind with crust elements/ Germany

SNOWBLIND "Snowblind" death thrash metal/ Greece

SOL EVIL “Sanctus Satanas” Black Metal/ Usa

SOMNUS “Through creations end” dark black metal/ USA

SOUL FORSAKEN “Tales of the Macabre” black metal/ Norway

SOULLESS “Agony's Lament” thrash death/ USA

SPETALSK “Perverted Commandment” MCD Satanic Black Metal in the Swedish tradition

STARGAZER “Harbringer”/ INVOCATION Death/grind core.

STORMING STEELS/ HELLWITCH “The Twin Bestial Forces» old school thrash metal/ Malaysia/ USA

STRAIGHTLINE “Act for a new Generation” Melodic Hardcore Metalcore/ Greece

STURMFRONT “Behind the Gate of Darkness” Raw old school Black Metal with a suicidal and antihuman touch/ Finland

SUFFERICATION “Day of darkness” Cult Death metal from Malaysia! Discography album.

SUN KING “I.D.J.S.” hard'n' heavy / Italy

SUNCHARIOTS "Betrayal light of fertile ground" black Slavonic metal/Russia

SUPPOSITORY/ GROT (Holland/ UK) split grind crust vs porno grind

SUTURE "Morbid Sculpture: Demo[n]ology" A collection of all 3 demos + 2 unreleased songs

SVARTPEST “Ved Den Drabelige…” Black metal (members of Necrophagia, Gorelord, Wurdulak)/ Norway

SWEETS FOR MY SWEETS/ 3 ways CD with Confession of Obscurity, Outcast, and Immersed in Blood/ grind

SWIRLING SUNWHEELS "The Strong Shall Prevail" Aryan Ambient/ Canada

SYMBEL “We drink – Hymns and counsel of Anglosaxon Heathenry” heathen black metal/ England

TERATISM “Invocatum Furae Diabolis” black metal/ USA

TERRORDROWN “Colonize and Regulate” Intense Black metal/ France

THE ANCIENT WAR “Riding of the hills of death” Death metal/ Italy

THE CHOSEN “For The Glory Of The Empire” Raw Ancient Irminic Black/Trash/ Netherland

THE DARK BEYOND COCEPTION “In growing decadence" melodic black death metal/ Mexico

THE FIRSTBORN “From the Past Yet to come” black dark metal/Portugal

THE FIRSTBORN EVIL “Rebirth of Evil” black metal/ Portugal

THE FUROR “Advance” Black/ death metal/ Australia

THE GIALLOS FLAME “The Giallos Flame” Prog music meets horror music.

THE MASS “Towards Darkness” Heavy, Psychedelic Dark Doom with NEUROSIS Influences! Killer!

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT “The White Crematorium 2.0” Industrial death metal/ Netherlands

THE MUNG “The Splatter Session” MCD gore grind in their own Australian way, like Devourment, Blood Duster/ Australia

THE SEQUEL “Down to Earth” doom gothic/ Germany

THE SEVENTH GATE “Cheap Sex And Painkillers” noisy death metal/ USA

THIRST “Per Aspera Ad Astra” melodic black metal/ Poland

THORNESBREED "The splendour of the repellent" German hyper blast death metal without any compromises! Incl. video clip

THY FLESH CONSUMED “End of blind obedience” death black metal/ Canada

THY PAIN More Than Suffering melodic death metal/ USA MCD

TICKET TO HELL “Man Made Paradise” Modern Death/ Thrash metal/ Mexico

TINIEBLAS “Dark Infernal Light” black metal/ Puerto Rico

TIWAZ "T-Stamped Spear" Pagan Black Metal/ BrazilA COLOUR COLD BLACK “Adrenaline Agony” thrash metal/ Germany

TOGETHER IS ONE tribute to DEATH compilation of various bands from worldwide underground

TOMORROWS VICTIM (us)/PERVERSE (pol)/MOULDED FLESH (pol) 3 way split CD brutal death metal

TOTAL DEATH "Layumas D'Ensueno" doom gothic / Colombia

TOTAL DEVASTATION “Roadmap Of Pain” death metal with industrial elements/ Finland

TRIBUTE TO ABSURD comp. CD with Forgotten Darkness, Totenburg, Wolfnacht, etc...19 Tracks

TRONUS ABYSS "The king of the angel" black metal/ Italy

TU CARNE/ GERMEN/ ATS gore grind/ Spain

TUATHA DE DANAAN “Thuatha De danan” epic doom metal/ Brazil

TWILIGHT GLIMMER “Paradox” Melodic death metal / Colombia

ULFHETHNAR “Essense of Superiority” fast pagan black metal

UNABOMBER "Potemkin" interesting crust jazz death metal/ Spain

UNBURIED “Slut Decapitator” blasting gore/death metal/ USA

UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS "After the cosmic gate" gothic death dark metal/Mexico

UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS "Geneticsis" doom dark metal/ Mexico

UNDERNOISE / SLOWLY SUFFERING “Morgue Zombies” Pro-CD-r, in DVD case, Brutal death metal / Italy/ Spain

UNHALLOWED “Unhallowed” black metal MCD / Germany


UPPERCUT „Reanimation of Hate” pure fucking old school Thrash Metal with female growling vocals/ Germany

URGRUND “Unchangeable Fate” thrash black metal/ Australia

URUK-HAI "Dragons of War" Epic Fantasy Ambient Metal of over 70 minutes long in a DVD case/ Spain





V/A CD SADNESS AND BEAUTY totally harsh black metal bands from France (Blessed in Sin, Alien Christ, Mudzuk, Malesanctus, Alsvarth, etc….)

V/A CD SUSPIRIA DE PROFUNDIS compilation CD with more then 60 minutes of extreme Brazilian metal bands

V/A CD THE HELLISH ARTS OF PERVERSION compilation- various death/black/ doom metal bands from Europe!

V/A CD THE TRUE IDEAL -Decapitation, Mortalised, Evol, Sacred Blood, etc….

V/A CD UNDERGROUND DESTRUCTION SERIES Vol. 1 with Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Maskim, Grond, Krabathor, Ens Cogotans….

V/A CD WARIORS OF SOUTHERN LANDS - black metal hordes from Brazil (BRA)

V\A CD ARCH MUSIC COMP. (Weeping Silence, Malefactors, Oblique visions and other)

V\A CD BLOOD COMPILATION Vol. 3Baalphegor, Daemonlord, Engorged, etc… black and death metal bands

V\A CD CACAFONIA compilation part 1 - death grind bands from worldwide!

V\A CD MEXICAN GORE MAFIA Mexican gore/grind compilation

V\A CD NEW BREED Comp. South African metal bands only!!!! (Groinchurn, Mjollnir etc)

VADER “The Darkest Age” death metal, live album of 1993/ Poland

VAE VICTIS “Black Fucking Thrash Metal” Black/ thrash metal/ Germany

VASTION “Closed Eyes to nothing” death metal/ UK

VEDIOG SVAROG “In the Distance” black metal/ France

VIOLET VORTEX “Lure Elegant” doom metal/ Greece

VOICE OF HATE "Gods of Hell and Earth" Death grind, violence and sick extreme music/ Spain

VOICE OF HATE "The handling of flesh" New release of death grind band with an own brand/ Spain

VORACE “Vorace” death metal/ France

VRYKOLAKAS "Vrykolakas 2000" death metal/ Singapore (in slipcase)

WAR PESTILENCE “Godsfuck Black Attack” black metal/ Argentina

WARBLADE “A Crisis In The Gray Space” melodic death metal

WARKULT “Perseverance of Aggression” black/ death metal/ USA

WARLUST “Trench War” fast black war metal/ Denmark

WINDFALL “Time Of The Haunder” melodic death metal/ Greece

WINSELLAND "Knize Neuberg" Debut album of Czech black/doom band with keyboards and melodies

WOLFEN SOCIETY “Conquer Divine” MCD superb band with members of Dark Funeral, Acheron, Incantation! Death metal!

WOLFSRUDEL “Tag Der Vergeltung” RAC /Germany

WRATH “Viking” black metal/ UK

Y3K “Retribution” Symphonic, melodic and blasting mix of black, death and power metal from Spain

YOUR KID'S ON FIRE “Aught Six: A Necrodyssey”22 songs of pure Death/Grind in the vein of REPULSION/ USA

ZWENZ " A life's work of Natrgaard II " German Heathen Black Metal with Neofolk

Digi CD INANNA UNVEILED “Inanna Unveiled” death metal/ Germany

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Включённые в каталог периодические издания читатель может получить в любой из указанных библиотек
Каталог import cd\Алкогольная продукция alcoholic drinks
Греция 8-1 81D40 arist import export s. L. Испания 8-1 81B15 azienda vinicola carassanese s. N. C. Италия 8-1 81A70
Каталог import cd\Проект (каталог)
В папке находятся файлы программ (проектов), приведенные в книге в качестве примеров. Скопируйте папки в каталог проектов Delphi
Каталог import cd\Парикмахерское искусство Full Fashion

Каталог import cd\Урок «Каталоги». Слайд 2
Каталог import cd\Лекция о современном искусстве
«Следом», каталог выставки «После всего», другие журналы по изобразительному искусству (“Palette”, La tribune des arts”), каталог...
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