Урока "Food for life", 6 класс умк кауфман Цели урока: Образовательная

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Координаты: РБ, Учалинский район, с. Миндяк, ул.Уфимская, д. 97А, кв.2

Место работы: МОУ СОШ №6 с. Миндяк МР Учалинский район

Должность: учитель английского языка

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Аннотация урока:

Тема урока “Food for life”, 6 класс

УМК Кауфман

Цели урока:

1. Образовательная – обеспечить использование активной лексики по теме "Еда" в рамках учебной ситуации "В кафе"; познакомить учащихся со структурой would like и научить применять ее в заданной ситуации; закрепить употребление местоимений “some”, “any”

2. Воспитательная – способствовать формированию умения вести себя в местах общественного питания.

3. Развивающая – способствовать развитию у учащихся речевых навыков, памяти, внимания, мыслительных процессов (выделение существенного, соотнесение зрительного образа предмета с его лексическим значением)
Оборудование: Магнитофон, запись песни "If you are happy…", вырезанные из бумаги красные, зеленые и коричневые яблоки, мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, интерактивная доска.
Конспект урока на тему “Food for life

  1. Организационный момент

- Good morning! Take your seats, please, and get ready for the lesson. I hope we'll have a wonderful time together.

Слайд 1

  • Look at the blackboard, please. Here is a rebus. If you solve it, you’ll know the theme of our lesson. There are three words. You are right. Today the theme of our lesson is “Food for life”.

Слайды 2, 3, 4, 5

- Today we’ll revise the words on the theme “Food”, go to a café, learn how to order something politely, learn about fast food restaurants and ordinary restaurants, do exercises with some or any and say what food is good for us and what food is bad for our health.

Слайд 6

  1. Фонетическая зарядка

  • Children, read the proverb and try to give Russian equivalent.

An apple a day, keeps a doctor away.

(Лук - от семи недуг)





- Say after me (отрабатывается произношение).

- Try to learn the proverb (дети хором читают пословицу, с каждым новым повторением учитель стирает по одному слову, пока пословица не исчезнет).

- Remember the proverb.


Введение в тему

  • And now look at the blackboard, please. There is a tasty crossword on it. If you do it right, you’ll know where you are going today.

http://festival.1september.ru/articles/509272/img1.gif(Приложение 1)

1. It’s green and you have it in salad (cucumber).

2. Monkeys like the yellow fruit (banana).

3. Apples, bananas, plums are … (fruit).

4. It’s a drink. In Russia people usually drink it hot, but in some countries people drink it cold (tea).

Написав правильно слова по горизонтали, по вертикали появляется слово cafe.

  • Well, children. It's the place where we are going today.

  • We are going to a summer cafe.

4. Закрепление лексики

- But before going to the cafe we must refresh some words on the topic "Food".

Слайды 7, 8

- Say after me (одновременно показывая картинки на проекторе: mineral water, fizzy drink, juice, coca-cola, meat, drinks, sweets, sausage, potato, onion, mushrooms, chicken, ice cream, honey, pepper, doughnuts, cucumber, yoghurt, sugar, chocolate, bacon, orange. ).

- What is the English for сок, мороженое и т.д? (Работа по картинкам).

Слайды 9, 10

  • Collect the words (Приложение 2)

5. Развитие навыков чтения

Do you know what fast food is? Let’s read a text “Fast food”. Here you can see some new words. Try to guess the meaning of these words.

Слайд 11
“Fast food”

Fast food restaurants and cafes are very popular all over the world. But they aren’t like ordinary restaurants.

There are no waiters. You order your food at the counter and pay for it at the same time. You can get your food in a bag or a box or a tray. You often eat with your fingers.

Drinks are all in paper or plastic cups. There are no saucers. You eat your meal, then you throw all the bags, boxes and cups away.

It’s easy. It’s cheap and it’s fast.

  • Отметь в таблице, о каком ресторане идёт речь: обычном – ordinary (OR), или быстрого питания – fast food (FR). (Приложение 3)

fast food (FR)




You eat with a knife and a fork.


You get your food at the counter.


A waiter brings you food.


You drink from a paper cup.


You pay for your meal after eating.


You get your hamburger in a bag or in a plastic box.


You eat with your fingers.


You drink from an ordinary cup.


You throw away the bags and the boxes.


You pay for your meal at the counter.

6. Физкультминутка

T: OK, kids. Well done. Let's go to the cafe. Stand up and go, sing a song (“If you are happy”).

(Звучит песня “If you are happy”)
7.Закрепление грамматического материала

- We came to the café. But we can’t go in. Before this, we must revise the words “some” and “any”. Remind me, please, when we use “some”, when “any”.

Слайд 12
- Here are some sentences. Fill in the gaps with “some” or “any”. (Приложение 4)

1. We have…milk.

2. Do you have … honey?

3. I need … eggs and … milk.

4. She doesn’t have … bread.

5. He has … tea in his mug.

6. They don’t have … potatoes.

7. Does he have … cheese?

  • Nice of you!

8.Введение фразы «would like».

- Thank you, sit down. We are in the cafe and you can order something to eat and drink. But at first we must learn some phrases to be able to do it. Фразы, которые мы сейчас выучим, используются в английском языке в повседневной речи, например в кафе, в магазинах, в тех общественных местах, где вы хотите что-либо приобрести и при этом сделать это вежливо. Look at the blackboard:

Слайд 13
Фразы фонетически отрабатываются.

8. Развитие навыков диалогической речи:

- Children, look at the blackboard, please. Here is a dialogue. It will help you to do orders. Read the dialogue. В ходе работы с диалогом учитель обращает внимание на новые фразы. Is everything clear?

Слайд 14
In the café

Ann: What would you like, my friends? As for me, I would like an ice cream and a glass of orange juice.

Mike: I would like an ice cream and a glass of orange juice.

John: And I would like a cake, a bar of chocolate and a glass of mineral water.

Helen: I would like yoghurt and a glass of orange juice.

Ann: We would like two ice creams, three glasses of orange juice a bar of chocolate, one yoghurt and a glass of mineral water.

  • And now let's play. I am a waiter. You are friends. You want to order something to eat and to drink. Now discuss it in your groups and then I’ll take your orders. Divide into groups of four and discuss what you want.

  • Good afternoon, children. Glad to meet you. Here's the menu, please (учитель предлагает меню, задание)

Слайд 15
Среди детей идет обсуждение на английском языке (на основе диалога). Затем учитель подходит к детям и с помощью фразы What would you like принимает заказы.

  • Thank you very much.

  • In our cafe visitors usually give a tip. Now everyone can leave a tip for me. But today a tip isn't money, it's an apple which you have on your tables. You give me a red apple or a green apple or a brown one (значения расписаны на доске, яблоки разных цветов лежат на парте у каждого). Show me your apples, please.

Слайд 16
A red apple: the information is interesting,

there are no problems in using it,

easy to understand.

A green apple: the information is interesting,

there are some problems to

use it in practice.

A brown apple: the information is difficult to

understand, there are problems

to use it in practice.

9. Подведение итогов.

- Well, our lesson is almost over. Tell me, please, what new information have you learnt?

- Now, I see that you know a lot of interesting about food. Thank you for being active at the lesson. It was very interesting to listen to your points of view. Your marks for the lesson are the following. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

Слайд 17


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