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Professor Seifrid

Spring 2011

Tuesday 2-4:50, THH 221

SLL 555

Soviet Literature, 1917-1953

This course surveys the dominant phenomenon in Russian literature of the twentieth century: the development of Soviet Russian literature from the October Revolution of 1917 to the death of Stalin in 1953, in particular the ascendancy (or imposition) of "socialist realism" as the obligatory method for Soviet writers. The course will pursue several lines of inquiry at once, with the aim of providing an essential grounding in the field of Soviet literature: the basic historical data of Soviet letters (who wrote what, when, belonged to what faction, suffered what fate, etc.); the various approaches that have been taken to this material, especially in recent scholarship, together with their political and theoretical biases and implications; the relation of specific texts to their historical context; and the distinctive esthetic features of some of the major prose texts of the era. Although they are not listed below from week to week, such general sources as Edward J. Brown’s Russian Literature Since the Revolution (2nd edition), Gleb Struve’s Russian Literature Under Lenin and Stalin, Victor Terras's Handbook of Russian Literature, Wolfgang Kasack’s Dictionary of Russian Literature Since 1917, and similar sources will prove very useful and should be consulted regularly.

Reading Assignments and Topics for Discussion

Please note: occasionally it may be necessary to make changes in this schedule

Introduction and overview: issues, trends, and movements in Soviet literature 1917-1953 | January 11
Мариэтта Чудакова, «Без гнева и пристрастия. Формы и деформации в литературном процессе 20-30-х годов», в кн. Литература советского прошлого (М., 2001; впервые в Новом мире 1988 [9]) [on reserve]

Edward J. Brown, Russian Literature Since the Revolution, ch.1.


Виктор Ерофеев, "Поминки по советской литературе", в кн. Страшный суд (М., 1996; впервые в Литературной газете 4 июля 1990 г.)

Modernism, the avant-garde, and the Revolution | January 18
Александр Блок, «12»; «Интеллигенция и революция» [xerox]

Вл. Маяковский, «Левый марш,» «Во весь голос» [xerox]

Вл. Кириллов, "Железный мессия" [xerox]

Мих. Герасимов, "Песнь о железе" [xerox]

Richard Stites, "Iconoclastic Currents in the Russian Revolution: Destroying and Preserving the Past," in Gleason, et al., ed., Bolshevik Culture. Experiment and Order in the Russian Revolution, 1-24. [on reserve]

Brown, Russian Literature Since the Revolution, ch.2.


М. Б.

Гаспаров, «Тема святочного карнавала в поэме А. Блока ‘Двенадцать’» в кн. Литературные лейтмотивы

Vladislav Todorov, Red Square, Black Square: Organon for Revolutionary Imagination (SUNY Press, 1995)
Early Soviet Literature: Pil'niak | January 25
Борис Пильняк, Голый год
Peter A. Jensen, Nature as Code. The Achievement of Boris Pilnjak, 1915-1924, Part II, ch.3, 157-80. [on reserve]

David Shepherd, Beyond Metafiction: Self-consciousness in Soviet Literature, ch.1 [on reserve]


Б.А. Пильняк: исследования и материалы (Коломна, 1991)

Борис Пильняк. Статьи и материалы (Л-д, 1928)

Gary Browning, Boris Pilniak: Scythian at a Typewriter (Ardis 1985)

Early Soviet Literature: Babel | February 1
Исаак Бабель, Конармия
Patricia Carden, "Ornamentalism and Modernism," in Gibian and Tjalsma, eds., Russian Modernism. Culture and the Avant-Garde, 1900-1930, 49-64. [on reserve]

Milton Ehre, “Babel’s Red Cavalry: Epic and Pathos, History and Culture,” in Charles Rougle, ed., Red Cavalry: A Critical Companion, 94-114 [on reserve]


А. Жолковский и М. Ямпольский, Бабель/Babel (M, 1994)

И. Э. Бабель: статьи и материалы (Л., 1928)

1920 Diary/Isaac Babel (Yale UP, 1995)

Carol Luplow, Isaac Babel's Red Cavalry (Ardis, 1982)

Patricia Carden, The Art of Isaac Babel (Cornell UP, 1972)

James E. Falen, Isaac Babel, Russian Master of the Short Story (U Tennessee, 1974)

Milton Ehre, Isaac Babel (Twayne, 1986)

Culture of the 1920s: The Literature of Fellow-Travel | February 8
Михаил Булгаков, «Собачье сердце»

Юрий Олеша, «Зависть»

М. Чудакова, «Послесловие», Знамя 1987 (6): 135-41 [xerox]

А. Жолковский, «Диалог Булгакова и Олеши», Синтаксис 20: 90-7 [xerox]

S. Fusso, "Failures of Transformation in Sobač'e serdce," SEEJ 33 (3): 387-99. [JSTOR]

Rimgaila Salys, Olesha's Envy: A Critical Companion (Northwestern UP, 1999)

Andrew Barrat, Yurii Olesha's 'Envy' (Birmingham Slavic Monographs No.12)

Victor Peppard, The Poetics of Yuri Olesha (U Florida, 1989)

N. Nilsson, "Through the Wrong End of the Binoculars," in Major Soviet Writers (Oxford UP, 1973)

Мариэтта Чудакова, Мастерство Юрия Олеши (М., 1972)

Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour, The Invisible Land. A Study of the Artistic Imagination of Iurii Olesha (Columbia UP, 1970)

Culture of the 1920s: Institutions, ideology, intellectual culture | February 15
Clark and Dobrenko, Soviet Culture and Power, Ch.Three, “Organizing the ‘Artistic Milieu’: The Era of NEP” (32-49).

Katerina Clark, St. Petersburg: Crucible of Cultural Revolution, chs.6 (“NEP and the ‘Art of Capitulation’”) and 8 (“The Establishment of Soviet Culture”) [electronic resource]

-----. “Introduction: The Bolshevization of Culture, 1917-1932,” in Clark and Dobrenko, Soviet Culture and Power (3-6).

Robert Maguire, Red Virgin Soil, chs. III ("Revival: Literature and the Journal, 1921 to 1923”) and IX ("The Decline of the Thick Journal") [on reserve]

Eric Naiman, Sex in Public, Introduction, ch.one [electronic resource]


Clark and Dobrenko, Soviet Culture and Power, Ch. Four, “The Organization of Proletarian Art: The Cultural Revolution”

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Cultural Front: Power and Culture in Revolutionary Russia (Cornell UP, 1992)

-----. The Commissariat of Enlightenment. Soviet Organization of Education and the Arts under Lunacharsky, October 1917-1921 (Cambridge UP, 1970)

Lynn Mally, Culture of the Future: The Proletkult Movement in Revolutionary Russia (U California 1990)

Leon Trotsky, Literature and Revolution

Zoshchenko and the question of 'proletarian voice' | February 22
Михаил Зощенко, рассказы
М. Чудакова, Поэтика Михаила Зощенко (М., 1979), гл.гл.3-4. [on reserve]

Ю. Щеглов, «Энциклопедия некультурности» в кн. Мир автора и структура текста, 53-84. [xerox]

Cathy Popkin, The Pragmatics of Insignificance. Chekhov, Zoshchenko, Gogol (Stanford UP, 1993), (55-124) [on reserve]

А. Жолковский, Михаил Зощенко: поэтика недоверия (М., 1999)

Gregory Carleton, The Politics of Reception: Critical Constructions of Mikhail Zoshchenko (Northwestern UP, 1998)

Linda Scatton, Mikhail Zoshchenko. Evolution of a Writer (Cambridge UP, 1993)

Satire on the eve of Socialist Realism | March 1
Илья Ильф и Евгений Петров, Золотой теленок
Ю. Щеглов, «Три фрагмента поэтики» в кн. Мир автора и структура текста, 85-117. [xerox]

А. Жолковский, «Искусство приспособления» в кн. Блуждающие сны [xerox]


Ильф и Петров, Двенадцать стульев и Золотой теленок с комментариями Ю. К. Щеглова (М, 1995)

Ю. К. Щеглов, Романы И. Ильфа и Е. Петрова (Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 26/1,2)

Л. Ершов, Советская сатирическая проза (М, 1966) и др. его работы

Socialist Realism: "method," aesthetic, institution | March 8
В. Ленин, «Партийная организация и партийная литература» [xerox]

Katerina Clark, The Soviet Novel. History as Ritual, Introduction, Part I ("Socialist Realism Before 1932"), Part II ("An Analysis of the Conventional Soviet Novel")

Herman Ermolaev, Soviet Literary Theories, chs.i-iii (9-88) [on reserve]

Абам Терц (Андрей Синявский), «Что такое социалистический реализм» [xerox]

Evgeny Dobrenko, The Making of the State Reader, Ch.3, "The Disaster of Mediocre Taste, or, Who 'Thought Up' Socialist Realism? The Reader as Critic" [electronic resource]

peruse: Clark and Dobrenko, Soviet Culture and Power, Part Two. The Thirties. Introduction (“The Culture of High Stalinism, 1932-1941”); ch.7 (“The Demise of RAPP”); ch.8 (“The Writers’ Congress”); ch.10 (“The Union of Soviet Writers”)


"Устав Союза советских писателей СССР", Правда 6 мая 1934 г.

"Социалистический реализм—основной метод советской литературы", Правда 8 мая 1934 г.

Maksim Gorky, “Soviet Literature,” in Soviet Writers’ Congress 1934, 27-69.

Т.М. Горяева, Политическая цензура в СССР. 1917-1991 (М, 2002)

Бабиченко, Д.Л. «Литературный фронт»: история политической цензуры 1932-1946 гг: сборник документов. (М, 1994).

---. Счастье литературы: государство и писатели, 1925-1938: документы (М, 1997)

Соцреалистический канон, под ред. Х. Гюнтер и Евг. Добренко

Thomas Lahusen, How Life Writes the Book. Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia (Cornell UP, 1997)

Evgeny Dobrenko, The Making of the State Reader. Social and Aesthetic Contexts of the Reception of Soviet Literature (Stanford UP, 2001)

Regine Robin, Socialist Realism: An Impossible Aesthetic (Stanford UP, 1992)

Günther, Hans, Die Verstaatlichung der Literatur. Entstehung und Funktionsweise des sozialistisch-realistischen Kanons in der sowjetischen Literatur der 30er Jahre (Stuttgart, 1984).

L. Loseff, On the Beneficence of Censorship. Aesopian Language in Modern Russian Literature (München, 1984)

J. and C. Garrard, Inside the Soviet Writers' Union (Free Press, 1990)

Rufus Mathewson, The Positive Hero in Russian Literature (Stanford UP, 1975)

{Spring break, March 14-18}

Socialist Realist classics | March 22
Ф. Гладков, Цемент (in English translation as Cement, the original 1925 version)

А. Фадеев, Разгром, Молодая гвардия

Д. Фурманов, Чапаев

А. Серафимович, Железный поток

В. Катаев, Время, вперед!

Stalinist Culture | March 29
Boris Groys, The Total Art of Stalinism [on reserve]

Вл. Паперный, Культура два, гл.1, «Растекание – затвердевание» (M, 1996) [on reserve]

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Everyday Stalinism. Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930s (Oxford UP, 1999) [electronic resource]

Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal, New Myth, New World: From Nietzsche to Stalinism (Pennsylvania State UP, 2002)

Igor Golomstock, Totalitarian Art in the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, Fascist Italy and the People’s Republic of China (Icon Editions, 1990)

Михаил Вайскопф, Писатель Сталин (М, 2001)

Евг. Добренко, Метафора власти: литература сталинской эпохи в историческом освещении (München, 1993)

Vera Dunham, In Stalin’s Time. Middle Class Values in Soviet Literature (Duke UP, 1990)

Dissent (I) | April 5
Андрей Платонов, Котлован
Thomas Seifrid, Andrei Platonov: Uncertainties of Spirit, ch.4. [on reserve]

Ольга Меерсон, "Свободная вещь": Поэтика неостранения у Андрея Платонова (Berkeley Slavic Specialties, 1997)


Thomas Seifrid, A Companion to Andrei Platonov’s The Foundation Pit (2009).

Андрей Платонов. Мир творчества (М., 1994)

Андрей Платонов. Воспоминания современников (М., 1994)

Joseph Brodsky, "Catastrophes in the Air," in his Less Than One

Михаил Геллер, Андрей Платонов в поисках счастья (YMCA Press, 1982)
Dissent (II) | April 12, 19
Михаил Булгаков, Мастер и Маргарита
Б. Гаспаров, «Из наблюдений над мотивной структурой романа М. А. Булгакова Мастер и Маргарита» в кн. Литературные лейтмотивы [on reserve]

Б. В. Соколов, Энциклопедия Булгаковская (М., 1998)

М. Чудакова, Жизнеописания Михаила Булгакова (M., 1988)

Lesley Milne, Mikhail Bulgakov. A Critical Biography (Cambridge UP, 1990)

J. A. E. Curtis, Bulgakov's Last Decade: The Writer as Hero (Cambridge UP, 1987)

see also: http://bulgakov.ru

Presentation of final projects | April 26

Written Assignments

A term paper will be required for this course, to be completed in two stages. On April 26 you will present your work-in-progress to the seminar and give me a 2-3 pp. précis together with preliminary bibliography. The précis will most likely still be largely prospective, but it should at least define the problem your essay will analyze, outline your theoretical approach, and indicate an essential bibliography. The final version of the paper, which should be 15-20 pp. long plus bibliography, will be due on Tuesday, May 10.

Please note the following important matters:

  • The paper and its bibliographical citations should adhere to the format outlined in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (Fifth or later edition)

  • Late papers will very likely receive a lower grade, and after a certain point may not be accepted at all. Unless you experience a genuine emergency at the end of the semester, you should not count on receiving a grade of “Incomplete” as a way of extending the time to work on your paper.


Литература советского прошлого iconВ парке чудес появилась скульптура из советского прошлого Никитина, Л. в парке чудес появилась скульптура из советского прошлого / Лора Никитина; Фото Константина Наговицына // Комсомольская правда. 2009. №138. 16 сентября. C. 10 : фото
Никитина, Л. В парке чудес появилась скульптура из советского прошлого / Лора Никитина; Фото Константина Наговицына // Комсомольская...
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