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Учитель Загородняя Л.М

Spotlight 9th Form

Модуль 1

Тема: Праздники

1Что должен знать учащийся:

1)читать и говорить на тему:

-фестивали и праздники.

-особые случаи.

-культурные события.

-День памяти.

2)научиться как:

-как выражать заботу и беспокойство.

-утешить кого-либо

-строить восклицательные приложения.


-маленький абзац о фестивале в России.

- статью с описанием о фестивале.

- короткую статью о культурном событии в России.

-презентацию праздника в России.

2 Практикум:

1)грамматический материал:

- Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present

-Perfect Continuous. –Настоящее простое, Настоящее продол-

жженное, Настоящее совершенное, Настоящее совершенное

продолженное время. Грамматический справочник,стр1-3, Учебник :

стр.14-15 упр.1-3,6-9

-Phrasal verbs: turn.-Фразеологизмы. (Учебник,стр20упр3)

-Word formation: Present &Past Participles- Словообразование/


-Idioms:with «cake».- Appendix 3 , Учебник,стр16 упр4)

-Words often confused

habit/ tradition/ custom/: spectators/ audience/ crowd: let/ make/ allow:

luck/ chance/ opportunity.

2) лексический материал:

Стр 10 упр.4- найти синонимы в тексте;

Стр.11 упр 6-вставьте подходящее слово;

Стр11 упр 7-подчеркните нужное слово;

Стр22, упр5-сопоставьте слова с их значением.

3) Чтение:

Текст «Let’s» (стр10 упр1-3)

Текст «Sweet Sixteen» (стр17 упр5)

Текст «Hogmanay» (стр18 упр3)

Текст «The Gathering of Nations» (стр21-)

Текст «Remembrance Day» (стр23)-

Text ‘Tatiana’s Day.’ Spotlight on Russia p.3)

  1. Письмо

Написать маленький абзац о фестивале. (стр 18-19)

Написание рассказа о празднике в России.(стр 19)

Написание рассказа об интересном культурном событии.(стр21)
3 Разноуровневые задания.
Группа 1 (для одаренных)
Present Tenses
Vicky( look) for a new flat at the moment. She (want) to decorate the kitchen. How long you (wait) for him? I (go) to the gym this afternoon. He (live) in London all his life. Steve (think) about buying a new car. Sarah (work) there for a couple of years.

Martin’s planes ( leave) at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning Snow (melt) in spring. She ( be tired), she

( clean) the house since morning. The shop ( not close) usually before 9pm on Wednesdays. John ( not come) in today, he ( work) all night .I’m too tired to play tennis today, I (pack) the boxes since morning.
She can’t come, her car (break) down. He can’t answer the phone, he (have) a shower .Beckham ( win) the ball, (cross) and Owen (score). The world’s population (grow) at a fast rate. The fresh bread (smell) delicious. I ( think) she is a very good dancer. He (have) a home in Italy. He ( think) she’s a very good teacher. She (smell) the flowers. He (have) hundreds of C Ds. Mike (fit) a new lock on the door. The dress (fit) her perfectly. We (clean) the house all morning. I (have) a great time. He recently (finish) his geography essay.

I (see) my school from here. We (think) about moving house. She (have) problems at

work. I (see) your point. The pasta ( taste) terrible. I (see) the vice-president at night.

The air (smell) clean. The police (smell) the shirt. Peter (taste) the soup to see if it’s

salty enough. Murphy gets the ball and(pass) it to Gerrard. I( need) to talk to Kelly. James (think) about redecorating his flat. In the film, Mark Williams (play) a private

detective living in Tokyo. The Sun ( set) in the west. This sweater (feel) very soft.

He always (bite) his nails. It (get) colder and colder. Water (freeze) at 0’C .You (wait)

for a long time? The bus (come) every 10 min. Bob can’t move house now because he

(sign) a two-year contract. Jack and Maggy still (search) for the perfect house.

I am afraid I can’t make it tonight.- I (see) the estate agent at 7 o’clock He (try) to find

a cleaning woman for a month now. Look! You (split) coffee all over my desk.

They (have) a nice holiday. You (look) very tired. Mum (feel) Tim’s forehead.
Emma: Hi ,Pete. How your exams (go)? You (work) hard at the moment?

Pete: Yes, I (study) all day and most of the night. I (hate) exams! I can’t pass them all.

E.: Of course you can! You always (work) hard and you usually (get) good marks.

Which exam you (take) tomorrow?

P: Maths I (read) all my notes tonight. What you (do) tonight? You (go) to judo?

E: No, it’s Monday- Anna and I (go) swimming and then we (have) a pizza.

A: Jane still (think) of renting that house?

B: Yes, why?

A: Well, some people (think) that it is haunted.
A: Do you know that John (sell) his computer?

B: Really? Donna (need) to get a computer. I (meet) her later so I’ll tell her to phone.
A: Mark (taste) the curry to see if we need to add any more spices.

B: I do

A: Steve (consider) moving to the countryside soon.

B: Really? I ( not think) he should make any hasty decisions.
A: Why you (taste) the sauce?

B: To see if it ( need) some pepper).
A: Tom ( seem) to be rather nervous.

B: Well, he ( appear) in a new T V show, that’s why.
A: I (look) for somebody to decorate my room.

B: How about Gill?
A: Phil ( think) about moving house

B: I (know) he (not like) the place he (live) at the moment, doesn’t he?
A: Why are you in such a hurry?

B: Because my train (leave) in some minutes
A: You always (borrow) my clothes!

B: Yes, but I always (give) them back!
A: Is Jane still ( look) for a job?

B: Yes, unfortunately she (not find) one yet.
A: What’s the matter?

B: I (lose) my keys.

A: Why’s Tim wet?

B: He (wash) the car.
A: Hurry up! We (wait) for you.

B:OK, I (come)
A: What you (read)?

B: Macbeth. I (Iike) Macbeth and we (study) it in my class.
A: I (not understand) this course at all. It (be) really difficult.

B: Why you (not ask) for help?
Dear Ann,

How are you? I (write) to you from Jamaica. The hotel (be) magnificent.

It’s very hot here. We (get) a great tan! The kids (have) a great time They (spend)

most of the day by the sea. Right now they (built) a sandcastle.

John, (go) fishing with Tim. They (go) fishing almost every day. We (not do) much sightseeing) yet, but tomorrow we (go) on a trip round the island We ( look forward) to it. We (come) back on 15th August.

Hope you are OK.

See you soon


Группа 2

Present ( simple and continuous) and Past ( simple and continuous).

Complete the paragraphs. Write the verbs in the present simple, present continuous,

past simple or past continuous.

Mike Williams (be)……an accountant and he (work)……..in Bristol. Every day, he

(drive) ……..to and from work. He (finish)………work at 5.00 p.m. and always (get)…..

home 6.00 p.m. Yesterday at 5.15 p.m. he (drive)…….home and (listen)……. to his car

radio. It (be)…… a fine summer day and the sun (shine)……… As he (go)……. along

Chestnut Road, he (see)……… a cyclist in front of him. He (not see)……… the cyclist

give a hand signal. Mike (overtake)………….the cyclist when the car(hit)…….. the bike

and the boy(fall)……. off. Several people (see)……….the accident.

Now, the police(be)……with Mike in his office. They (ask)…….him a lot of questions

аnd Mike (get)……………worried.
Fill in with Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.
Tom: 1………(you see ) the state of this kitchen? Someone (wash) clothes in the sink and they’re still there!

Fred: Yes, I know. I usually (use) the bath, but it (be) too dirty at the moment.

Tom: Why didn’t you clean it? You (live) here for two months now, and I never (see) you do any housework.

Fred: What do you mean? I (wash) the dishes at least three times and I always (make) my bed.

Tom: Rubbish! You always (make) a mess and not cleaning afterwards.

Fred; What about you? You always (drink) my milk!

Tom: Don’t be ridiculous. Where you (go)?

Fred: Out! …I………(see) my girlfriend this evening.

Tom; What about the kitchen?

Группа 3
Present Simple or Present Continuous.
1Sam usually (do) his homework in the evening, but now he (watch) TV

2 Tom (not drive) to work. He always (take) the train.

3 We (go) climbing tomorrow. ………(you want) to join us?

4 ……..(she live ) in New York? Yes but at the moment she (stay) with a friend in London.

5 Peter and Andrew (be) journalists. This Monday they (fly) to Brazil.

6 Ann sometimes (play) tennis after work. But today she (go)to the club

7 ………(you meet) your friends later? – Yes, fancy joining us?
1 What (you do)?- I (write) a letter to my friend Laura.

2 Where is Steve?- He (wash the car)

3 David (work) very hard this days.- Yes, I (think) he needs a holiday.

4 What he (usually have) for lunch?- He never (eat) lunch.

5……(Tom play any sport?- No, he (not like sport very much.

Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.

1 John (type) since morning. He (type) ten letters so far.

2 Donald (spend) his pocket money on computer games

3 Lisa and Tony (pack) since morning. They(pack) six boxes so far.

4 Betty (write) since eight o’clock. She (write) ten reports up to now.

5Martha( bake) bread all morning. She (bake) four loaves already.
. Самоконтроль.

Test Book-test 1

(стр24-Progress Check)

(cтр138-139-Grammar Check)

5 Контроль учителя

Модуль 2

Тема: Жизнь

1Что должен знать учащийся:

1)читать и говорить на тему:


-жизнь в космосе.

-повседневная работа по дому.

-семейные дела

-10 ул. Даунинг

-среда обитания животных.

2)научиться как:

-критиковать и извиняться.

-выражать злость и раздражение.



-письмо другу.

-неофициальное письмо.

-короткая статья об известном здании.

- постер о животных в России.

2 Практикум:

1)грамматический материал:

- Инфинитив/ ing форма глагола.(Грамматический справочник,стр5-7), Учебник :стр30 упр1-9)

-Too/ Enough. (Справочник,стр6-7)

Учебник, стр31 упр. 10.

Прилагательные. (Учебник, стр32 упр1)

Прямой и косвенный вопрос (Учебник, стр35 упр4-5)

Идиомы о доме (Учебник, приложение3, стр33 упр6)

. (Учебник, стр29 упр11)

-Phrasal verbs: make.-Фразеологизмы. (Учебник,стр36упр2)

-Word formation: nouns from adjectives- Словообразование: (Учебник,стр36упр2)

Слова, вызываемые трудность: brush/sweep, cupboard/wardrobe, clean/wash, cleaning/washing-стр36,упр4
2)Лексический материал:

Тема «Жизнь»-стр26 упр1- найдите подходящее слово.

Стр26 упр5- сопоставьте подчеркнутые слова с их значением

стр27 упр6,7-вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово.

. стр.29 упр.5-соотнесите фразы из упражнения с фразами в диалоге.

Стр29 упр9-выберите правильный ответ.

Стр33 упр.6-соотнесите фразы.

3) Чтение:

Text “Live in space”!- стр26-27 упр3

Text “Sleep tight”-стр30 упр1.

Text “10 Downing Street”-стр37 упр 1-2

Text “In Danger” p38-39 ex 3

Text “Old Neighbours”-Spotlight on Russia-p5.

4) Письмо.

Напишите короткое письмо –инструкцию как жить в космосе.

Стр27.упр. 9

Напишите короткое письмо «хороший сосед».-стр33 упр9.

Напишите короткое письмо другу.- стр 35 упр7

Напишите короткое письмо о знаменитом здании в России.

-стр37 упр6

Напишите короткое письмо об охране окружающей среды. Стр.39 упр 8


(стр40-Progress Check)

(cтр140-141-Grammar Chek)

6 Контроль учителя.

Test Book-test 2

3 Разноуровневые задания.
Группа 1 (для одаренных)
The to -Infinitive- Ing-form
1. To express purpose. 1. As a noun

2.After verbs: advice, agree, appear, 2.After verbs: avoid, consider, continue

decide, expect, hope, promise, refuse… delay, deny, enjoy, escape, imagine,

After adjectives: angry, happy, glad, excuse, fancy, finish, forgive, mind,

4. After question words( what, where,why involve, look forward to, mention, except why) miss, object to, postpone, practice, 5.After would like/would love/would prefer prevent, report, resist, risk, stand, 6.After nouns suggest, understand.

7. After too/enough 3.After love, like, dislike, hate, enjoy, 8.with it+be+ adj.(+of+object) prefer.

9.with only to express unsatisfactory result. 4.After: I’m busy, It’s no use, It’s no

good, It’s worth, What’s the use of,

be used to, get accustomed to, can’t

stand, can’t help, there’s no point in,

have difficulty in.

5.After go for physical activities.

6.After spend / waste time.

7.After prepositions.

8.After see, hear, listen, watch

to express an incomplete action.

The Infinitive without to

1.After modals (can, may, must)

2.After had better/would rather.

3.After( let, make), see, hear, feel+object

to express complete action.
Verbs taking to-Infinitive or Ing form with a change in meaning.
Infinitive Ing form.
Forget=not remember Forget=forget a past event

Remember=remember to do sth. Remember=recall a past event

Go on=finish doing sth and start… Go on=continue

Mean=intend Mean=involve

Regret=be sorry Regret=regret about sth done

Try=do one’s best Try=do as an experiment

Want=wish Want=need sth done

Stop=stop temporarily Stop=finish

Be sorry=regret Be sorry=apologise

1. Remember (go) to the bank. You have got to pay the bill.

2. I don’t remember (see) this film before.

3 When he had written his first book he went on (write) seven more.

4. I regret (tell) you that you have failed the test.

5. Doing well on this course means (study) very hard.

6. She went on (talk) even after her friend had fallen asleep.

7. I’m sorry (tell) you your car has been stolen.

8. On the way home he stopped (buy) some chocolate.

9. I want (speak) to Sally, please.

10. I regret (leave) school at the age of 16.

11. He means (build) a boat and travel round the world.

12. I’ve been trying (start) this car for hours.

13. She is really sorry for (shout) at you last night.

14. The baby didn’t stop (cry) all night.

15. Why don’t you try (put) some salt into the sauce.

16. I’ll never forget (see) snow for the first time.

17. I don’t want to drive a car. I’m afraid of (have) an accident.

18. She forgot (invite) her best friend to the party.

19. He’s afraid (walk) alone at night.

20. He wasted time (play) video games.

Модуль 3

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